Air conditioning needs cleaning and maintenance. Are you ready for the summer car?

In the summer, the air conditioner should be cleaned and maintained first. Summer vehicle air conditioners are often used, and the cleaning of air conditioning ducts is directly related to the air quality inside the car, which is related to the health of the car. According to Manager Li of Zhongjin Car Rental Technology Department, the spring poplar is very easy to block on the air conditioner radiator. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the air conditioner. In the recent summer vehicle inspection of customer vehicles, he found that many of the vehicle’s air conditioning radiators have been blocked. This situation is very common and should be taken seriously by the car owners.

In addition, it is rainy in summer. When the wheel suddenly presses on the road surface, many people respond first by stepping on the brakes. It is easy to slip and danger. “It is more important to control the steering wheel than to brake when it is in contact with water. safer. ” As an old driver, Manager Li also introduced his driving experience.

It is also very important to maintain normal tire pressure. In summer, the temperature is high, and the tire pressure is too high or too low. It is easy to puncture the tire during fast driving. In addition, the tire pressure is too low, which will cause the tire to deform, wear and increase the fuel consumption, and endanger the driving safety. Therefore, professional tire pressure measurement, maintaining normal tire pressure is also very important in summer driving, can not be ignored.

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