Car maintenance should look at the mileage or watch the time


Ms. Zhao, who just changed her car last year, has frequently received a phone call from the 4S store in the past few days to remind her that she should go for maintenance. Ms. Zhao checked the number of kilometers of the new car. After the first insurance, it opened more than 2,000 kilometers, and it was less than 5,000 kilometers. Ms. Zhao raised the question, the service specialist of the 4S shop explained that the maintenance is based on which time is 3 months or over 5000 kilometers.

7% of the car owners used to see the number of kilometers maintenance

In fact, most car owners have encountered similar tangled things. Mr. Zou, the owner of the car, checked the instructions and found that the new car manual stated that it was 8000 km or 6 months, but the 4S shop allowed him to open 5,000 km. He said: “Now the 4S shop sells new cars and does not make money, so I hope that customers will go to the maintenance in a short time, and I can’t wait for 1000 kilometers to go for maintenance. & rdquo; Therefore, he has been doing maintenance according to the mileage of 8,000 kilometers. He believes that the car is not as squeaky as the car dealer said.

In response, the reporter commissioned a 4S shop to conduct a small survey of some car owners. The results showed that 70% of the owners were maintenance by mileage. However, the service manager of the 4S shop still recommends that the time and the number of kilometers be followed by the maintenance.

Sports less recommended for half a year maintenance

There are currently 2-3 comparison standards on the market, such as mileage, maintenance interval and engine working time. Which comes first to execute. But if you usually use less cars? The reporter consulted a number of experts and industry insiders, they all said that the car used less, then at least half a year to maintain.

 The maintenance cycle established by the manufacturer is based on the quality of the oil and components used.  quo; Wanyou car service manager Wu Kuizhong said that, like motor oil, Volvo uses high-grade synthetic motor oil, which can be maintained once every 10,000 kilometers or one year. However, some brands may use mineral oil or semi-synthetic motor oil, and the maintenance cycle should be shortened accordingly.

Mr. Yao, an associate professor of a car repair teaching and research section, said that if the driver who has less motor trains is really inaccurate, he can choose to maintain it once every half year, because this time does not cause deterioration of any engine oil.

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