Summer Care Tips Yizhi gives you the perfect family self-driving tour

With the end of the national college entrance examination, the annual summer vacation is coming. In order to let the children have a full summer vacation, many families have started to make travel plans, and weekend short-distance self-driving tour is the preferred choice for many families. However, the increase in temperature and the increase in rainfall accompanying the summer have also had a major impact on driving. In order to make the trip more comfortable and let the family enjoy a comfortable and pleasant journey, the owner’s attention to the car in the summer and the attention to some details during the driving process are very important. Safe travel Yizhi five-star guarantee Self-driving tour with family members, of course, safety is the top priority. In terms of safety configuration, GAC Toyota Yizhi has all the features of VSC body stability control system, TRC traction control system and HAC uphill starting auxiliary control system. In addition, Yizhi also has conventional active safety systems such as ABS, EBD and BA. These configurations can help the driver to control the vehicle to the greatest extent and prevent accidents. In the face of increased weather conditions during summer rainfall, these safety configurations can avoid side slips, runaways, etc. to the greatest extent, and ensure the safety of passengers in the car. In terms of passive safety, Yizhi uses the GOA body of Toyota’s unique world to avoid deformation of the interior of the cabin after collision and to defend the safety of drivers and passengers. At the same time, Yizhi also has a richer airbag configuration in the competition models, in which the knee airbag is unique in its class, which greatly enhances its safety. In the European and domestic NCAP crash tests, Yizhi won five stars. Level safety assessment, these can further protect the personal safety of passengers in the car and protect the car owners’ families. Hot and humid summer Vehicle maintenance should pay attention to the daily use of vehicles, many parts are constantly wear and tear, and under the influence of high temperature and rainy weather in summer, many parts of the situation require our extra attention. If you don’t pay attention to inspection and maintenance, you may have unexpected failures when you happen. It will increase the life of the lost car, but it will affect the travel and even affect the safety of driving. Therefore, in the summer vehicle use process, you can pay more attention in the following aspects: 1. The temperature inside the car is often very high in summer. It is difficult to obtain better cooling effect by directly turning on the air conditioner, and it will also impose a huge burden on the air conditioning system. Reduce compressor life and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, do not turn on the air conditioner immediately after the owner gets on the bus. First open all windows 3— after 5 minutes, wait until the hot air is exhausted and then turn on the air conditioner, which will have a better effect. 2. The ground temperature in summer can easily rise to more than 50 degrees. The air pressure in the tire will increase with the increase of temperature. Excessive air pressure will easily lead to a puncture accident. Therefore, in the summer, you should pay attention to maintaining the tire pressure at the recommended value according to the vehicle’s instructions, and often check the tire surface for abnormal conditions such as bulging and foreign objects. 3. When it rains, the car should be opened with cold air and dehumidification. In addition, a simple dehumidification box is placed inside the car to make the interior parts less susceptible to moisture after overnight. In the rainy days, the muddy water and dirt brought into the car by the soles, umbrellas, etc. should also be removed in time to avoid bacterial growth and vehicle rust. 4. After the heavy rain, it is easy to cause the sludge in the automobile chassis to accumulate, so that the moisture is hidden and the chassis is rusted. Therefore, thorough cleaning of the chassis is an essential task. In addition, the doors and the drain holes at the bottom of the car body should be inspected and cleaned frequently to prevent blockage. 5. Due to the excessive rain in summer, the frequency of use of automobile wiper blades will be very high. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the inspection of wiper blades. The aging wipers must be replaced in time. In addition, pay attention to the cleaning of the wiper to prevent the wiper from accumulating dust and impurities to affect the wiping effect and avoid the phenomenon of scratching the front windshield of the automobile. Summer brings us sunshine and enthusiasm, and it is a good time for family and family to swim. GAC Toyota Yizhi provides five-star safety guarantee for family travel, even if it is safe to pass through the harsh ground, it is the preferred car for family and family travel. As long as you carry out the detailed maintenance work, you can bring a perfect journey experience to your family when you travel, and you can extend the life of your car.

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