During the rainy season, the rainy roads are slow and cautious.

Recently, the south has entered the rainy season. Many areas have experienced continuous rainfall, and accidents on the road have also increased. Zhejiang Haining Firefighting reminds the majority of drivers that it is necessary to be cautious when driving in rainy days, always away from large trucks, and pay attention to some “technical and tactical”.

Maintain a good view: In addition to driving cautiously on a rainy day, you should turn on the wiper in time. When the weather is dim, you should turn on the low beam and anti-fog lights.

Prevent wheel side slip: The driver should hold the steering wheel with both hands to keep the straight line and low speed. When turning, you should step on the brakes to prevent the tire from locking and causing the vehicle to slip.

Slow driving at low speed: Pay attention to the distance between the vehicle before and after the vehicle. If you need to stop, try to slow down and brake as much as 100 meters ahead of time, so that there is enough emergency preparation time for the coming car.

Careful wading: When there is water in the road, or under the overpass, deep trough tunnel, etc., do not fly through the ditch or puddle at high speed, this will cause splashes, resulting in actual wading The depth is increased, which is easy to cause the engine to enter the water.

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