Elf Lubrication Knowledge Competition sparks industry attention

                                                 On July 7, 2014, the Lubricant Knowledge Competition hosted by Elf, one of the world’s leading lubricant brands, was officially launched. The competition was launched on its official Weibo, WeChat and authorized business websites, attracting industry and media attention.

Lubricants have always been the top priority of car maintenance, but the current knowledge of lubricants is not popular in China. Elf hopes to popularize lubricant knowledge and increase people’s understanding of lubricants through this lubricant knowledge contest. Give the car more protection.

According to the author, this is the first competition initiated by the international high-end lubricant brand. The competition is geared to the entire car maintenance industry, taking into account the needs of three different people, such as auto repair students, maintenance industry practitioners, and car owners, thus setting up different activities:

1. Joint national 9 steam Repair professional colleges and universities to jointly launch the competition: the knowledge of lubricants involved in this link is very rich and professional. The winner will be invited to Guangzhou to visit the Elf production base to meet with lubricant experts to learn more about lubricants.

2, for the auto repair and maintenance practitioners, emphasizing the combination of theory and practice: this link sets a more practical topic, aiming to deepen the understanding of maintenance personnel on the knowledge of lubricants, better Provide professional services to car owners. The prizes of the event are very rich, attracting many new and old customers to participate.

3, through the easy to understand way, help car owners to achieve knowledge popularization: this section carefully selected the easy-to-understand common sense of lubricants, clear common misunderstandings, so that owners can easily choose the right lubricants .

Since the announcement of the competition, many contestants have entered the system (www.elfonline.com.cn). Fans said that the game platform is user-friendly, fully taking into account the needs of users, and the topic is professional and practical, which can really help them popularize lubricant knowledge.

Elf said that this competition is mainly to enable everyone to learn useful knowledge in a simple and relaxed environment. After the event, Elf official Weibo and WeChat will continue to analyze the answer, systematically sort out the main knowledge points and provide professional and detailed answers, so that participants and followers can truly understand the essentials of lubricant knowledge. .

Elf is a high-end lubricants brand owned by the world’s fifth largest oil and gas producer. It is a global strategic partner of Renault and Nissan for many years. It is also the main lubricant brand of F1 and various top-level events. Its products are operated all over the world. Elf has always been committed to the Chinese lubricant industry, providing users with the best lubrication solutions.

This reporter said that with the improvement of modern consumption levels and the rapid spread of online information, more and more car owners are paying attention to car maintenance, and online shopping car maintenance products have become a good choice for saving money. Many well-known brands such as Elf Lubricants have also established flagship stores in Tmall and Jingdong. Then, how to choose the right maintenance products has become a topic of great concern to consumers. Actively popularizing maintenance knowledge and providing professional guidance by well-known leading brands will help consumers understand information and make more appropriate choices.

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