In the rainy season, the car is rust-proof and found to be rusted in time.

The recent weather is capricious. The reporter found that the owner often overlooks the changes in the paint during this period, especially the car with poor quality or long-term use. It is easier to encounter the troubles of rust.

Rusty should be scrutinized

Master Chen, who has many years of experience in car maintenance, told reporters that the surface of the car paint that is not damaged will not rust. Because of this, many car owners see the glazed surface, it is easy to ignore the internal paint, and some manufacturers that do not pay attention to quality are not doing fine in places where everyone pays little attention, so it is easy to rust here. The place. The area that is prone to rust is generally the hinge part of the door. Due to the large number of screws in the hinge part, it is easy to have a loop when it is painted, and it is easy to rust after being stained with water. There is also the bonnet and the inside of the trunk lid, which is also the most rusting place. For these parts, whether it is a new car or an old car, the owner should check it from time to time, especially during the wet and often rainy season.

Found timely treatment

If the shelf life is over and the rust point or rust is found, the owner can repair it in time to repair the car. If it is serious, it needs to be repainted. If the rust is very small, you can first remove the rust spots with water sandpaper, wipe the rust spots completely, apply the primer and the original or near-color paint. When removing rust, you should be aware that the area is slightly larger. Because some rust may be in the paint, it will continue to rust if it is not treated properly and painted in time.

In addition, it should be handled promptly when minor scratches occur. Scratch repair car wax is more commonly used in car beauty. Its function is to quickly remove the fine scratches on the surface of the car paint, effectively control the oxidative phenomenon such as blushing and fading of the car paint. At the same time, it can polish the car paint. And maintenance, so that the gloss of the car paint is more ideal. When there are less serious scratches on the body, first apply a small amount of this product with a clean cloth, wipe it repeatedly at the scratches until the scratches disappear, and then polish with a towel. The touch up pen for small scratches can also solve many problems. The appearance of this pen is similar to that of a normal carbon pen, and it can be loaded with paint. It has two pen heads, one is as thick as a ballpoint pen, which can repair finer scratches; one like a tip of a brush can repair more paint. It is understood that this touch up pen basically covers all car brands, and the similarity of color after the touch up is also relatively high. In addition, the touch up pen can also be used with abrasive paste. The abrasive paste is used before the touch up, which can smooth the scratches and paint surface and increase the adhesion of the paint. After the paint is applied, the paint surface may have different degrees of unevenness. At this time, the abrasive paste can smooth the paint surface.

However, these products are only for emergency use. For example, the owner is too busy, in the short term it is difficult to go to the repair shop for the care of the body paint surface, you can temporarily modify it, but also make the damaged part of the car not so ugly. In the end, it should be taken to the car maintenance store for further paint repair treatment.

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