How to properly wash the car in the summer heat and get out of the car wash four taboos

In July, the hot weather is very hot and hard, we can hide in the car by blowing air conditioner to resist the heat, but don’t forget the hard car at this time Also need to “slow the heat”, take a cold shower for it, don’t hurry! Today we will talk about their own car wash.

Car owners do their own car wash, subject to the limitations and constraints of the venue, equipment, experience, technology and other factors, it is impossible to be as professional as a regular car wash shop. Therefore, the owner should pay more attention to some easily overlooked details in the process of washing the car by himself. Going out of the car wash “taboo”, in order to give the car “cooling”, at the same time, do more with less.

Taboo 1: Rinse the vehicle without water, wipe the body directly with a rag

Damage Index: ★★★★★

After a long drive, the car will definitely have A lot of dust. Even if the naked eye looks clean, there will be fine dust that is hard to detect by the naked eye.

If the vehicle is washed without water beforehand, and the body is wiped directly with a rag, the dust on the body can easily be “strikingly rubbed” on the surface of the paint under the rag of the rag. , causing the paint to be scratched. For a long time, the body paint will become “scarred”. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner wash the dust on the surface of the paint with clean water before washing the car, and then carry out the following car wash steps.

Taboo 2: Washing the car in strong sunlight

Damage Index: ★★★★

Washing the car in strong sunlight, the water drops on the body are equivalent to one by one Small convex lens. When the direct sunlight is focused by the water droplets, the heat is concentrated and it is easy to burn the paint. After washing the car in the sun, many car owners found many small spots on the surface of the car paint, which was caused by washing the car in the sun. Therefore, when washing a car, it is best to find a cool open space or in the cool evening, there should be a place to pick up water near the parking place, try not to wash the car in the strong sunlight in the afternoon.

Taboo 3: A bucket of water in the end

Damage index: ★★★★

Everyone should develop a good habit of saving water in their daily lives, but in their own When you wash your car, it’s best not to be too much about your car & ldquo;吝啬”. “It’s not advisable to use a bucket of water in the end”.

Because after washing the rag several times, there will be a lot of dust and impurities in the water. If the water is not changed in time, the dust in the water will also adhere to the rag, and the paint will be scratched during the process of wiping the body. Caused damage to the paintwork. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner should change the water in time after washing the rag 2~3 times to ensure a good car wash effect.

Taboo 4: No need to wash the car after the rain

Damage index: ★★★★

Many car owners think that after the rain, the car has been washed clean by the rain. There is no need to wash the car again. This idea is somewhat subjective.

The rainwater contains acidic components. If the car is not washed in time after the rain, these acidic components will adhere to the paint surface and cause damage to the paint. Moreover, when driving on a rainy day, the sludge on the road will also splash on the body paint surface. If it is not cleaned in time, it will not only affect the appearance of the vehicle, but also be bad for the paint. Therefore, if the weather turns fine after the rain, it is recommended that the owner clean the vehicle in time.

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