Shenzhen Chuangfengbao “Yuexiang” maintenance activities intimate start

                For the BMW car owners, air conditioning has become a must for summer driving. The use and maintenance of new technologies for automotive air conditioning has become an indispensable issue in the summer. Air conditioning care about your car is always caring for your own health, in the face of hot summer, are you ready for your car? From July 26th to August 31st, 2014, Shenzhen Chuangfeng Baby Horse started “Entertainment” and enjoy the exclusive package activities. You can enjoy the premium VIP price by returning to the factory for air conditioning system maintenance. The owner of the maintenance package during the customer courtesy can participate in the following activities: • free oil addition (glass water, coolant, etc.) • on-site lottery, 100% winning • QR code sweeping and shaking &bull With the SMS back to the factory, VIP can enjoy 216 yuan for 326 yuan air conditioning system disinfection. . • For customers who have not arrived at the factory for more than 10 months, return to the factory with SMS to enjoy a 20% discount on engine oil maintenance. Mistakes and measures for using air conditioner: Turn on the air conditioner when entering the car. Due to the high temperature inside the car, the air conditioner is not only bad for cooling, but also increases the pressure of the engine during initial operation, which in turn affects the engine life. Therefore, after getting on the car, all the windows can be opened first, the air conditioner is turned on, and the hot air is discharged out of the car. After the temperature in the car drops, the window is closed and the air conditioner is turned on. Air conditioning is always on low. When the air conditioner is used, it will suck a lot of dust. It will be prone to mildew after a long time of accumulation, and then it will be released into the car through the air conditioner, and it will be inhaled and cause illness. Therefore, the air conditioner should be regularly opened to the maximum gear, and the scale inside the air conditioner can be blown out by strong wind power. Therefore, every once in a while, the air conditioner is turned to the maximum gear, and blowing for half an hour can effectively prevent dust from accumulating. The air conditioner temperature is very low. The temperature of the air conditioner is very low, which may cause symptoms such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, and cold. Under normal circumstances, the temperature inside the compartment is preferably 5 ° C to 6 ° C from the outside temperature. If there are old people or children in the car, it should be more suitable to set the temperature at around 25 °C. The direction of the air outlet is adjusted at will. Some car owners do not pay attention to adjusting the direction of the air conditioner when using the air conditioner, and even choose to blow the windshield glass, which is not conducive to the best effect of the air conditioner, because the temperature of the windshield glass is higher, which will offset most of the cooling effect. The correct way to do this is to open the air outlet when you open the air conditioner and the air outlet when you turn on the heating. The practice of blowing to the windshield is only suitable for defogging or defrosting the windshield in rainy or winter days. Open the inner loop for a long time. Because the inner circulation is a continuous circulation mode in which the air is only in the enclosed space of the vehicle, the long-term use of the inner circulation causes air pollution inside the vehicle. Therefore, when the air conditioner is just turned on, it is best to use the outer loop first, and then switch to the inner loop after the temperature is lowered. When the outside air quality is good, switch to the external circulation to ensure the air quality inside the vehicle. Therefore, remember to switch between the inner and outer loops at regular intervals, and leave it alone after the air conditioner is turned on. Turn off the flame and then turn off the air conditioner. The main reason for the mildew blown out of the car air conditioner is that the air humidity is high or the condensed water generated by the air conditioning pipe is too much, so that a dark and humid environment suitable for mold reproduction is formed on the air conditioning pipe and the evaporation box. In order to destroy this humid environment as much as possible and prevent mold growth, it is important to keep the air conditioning system dry. In order to prevent the accumulation of condensed water in the air-conditioning duct, the air-conditioning cooling function can be turned off about 5 minutes before the vehicle is turned off, and the air-conditioning fan is kept running, so that the temperature inside the air-conditioning duct can be raised, and the temperature difference of the outside air can be reduced, thereby keeping the air-conditioning system relatively dry. And the water on the evaporation tank can also be dried. If you want to prevent condensed water from cooling in the air conditioning duct as much as possible, you can turn off the compressor 5 minutes before reaching the destination, so that the air conditioner blower is in a state of blowing natural wind, and the temperature inside the air conditioning duct is raised before parking, reducing The temperature difference from the outside keeps the air conditioning system relatively dry and also blows off the water on the evaporator. Driving the BMW car and enjoying the comfortable configuration in the car correctly, the car owners need to better understand BMW’s leading technologies, enhance the car maintenance and safety inspection awareness, and let you enjoy the BMW Joy on the road. Shenzhen Chuangfengbao Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. No.6, Changxing North Road, Central City, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Sales Tel: 0755-3331 5800 /3331 5801

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