Car maintenance, forget to add glass water, keep the best view


Whether the car is good or not, daily maintenance is the key. Sometimes the cleanliness of the car can determine whether the car owner loves his car. In terms of normal maintenance, many car owners care about the car’s chassis, tires, brakes and other items. Are there any lubrication oils? Achieving the standard, but there are still a lot of careless car owners, especially novice drivers tend to ignore some small problems, such as the attention of the front windshield.

Glass water is often ignored

Some time ago, when I was in a friend’s car, this friend wanted to wash the dust and the corpse with glass water during the driving process. The windshield, the result of pressing the half-day wiper water spray button, suddenly remembered forgetting to add glass water, so I had to drive all the way ” blurred vision. I believe that many car owners will have such experience and experience, especially if they see dirt or insects on the windshield when driving, the vision will immediately feel uncomfortable.

Use of glass water

The so-called glass water is a common name for car windshield cleaning liquid, and it is a consumable item used in automobiles. Generally speaking, the glass water in the retail market of China’s products can be divided into three types: one is commonly used in summer, and the insecticidal component is added to the cleaning liquid to quickly remove the fly residue that hits the windshield; The anti-freeze type glass cleaning liquid specially designed for winter use ensures that when the outside temperature is lower than minus 20 °C, it will not freeze and freeze the car facilities; the other is the special anti-freeze type, which guarantees that it will not freeze at minus 40 °C. It is suitable for use in the coldest areas of the northernmost part of China.

When you feel the transparency of the front windshield of the car is poor, when you spray a glass of water, you will be able to give you a “clear and clear” view. Especially when driving at night, glass dust will scatter light. At this time, it is necessary to spray a glass of water to keep the front windshield in an optimal transparent state. In addition, in a dusty environment, and when running a highway on a rainy day, the consumption of glass water is very fast.

Some car owners think that glass water is the windshield before cleaning. As long as it can be cleaned and decontaminated, the washing powder and detergent used in this way also have this effect, so the detergent will be washed and washed. Agents, washing powder, etc., instead of special glass water, feel cheap and worry-free; some owners directly use water instead of glass water. In fact, there are certain hidden dangers in this approach.

For example, there will be some sediment in the washing powder water with water and detergent. If it takes a long time, it will not only corrode the rubber tube, but also block the water spray port. In severe cases, it will damage the motor. Generally, the detergent is alkaline, which has certain corrosiveness to the rubber, and accelerates the hardening of the catalytic wiper strip. When the hardened strip scrapes the windshield, the surface of the windshield is accelerated and scratched. If you replace the wiper, the cost will be dozens of times the price of glass water.

The risk of replacing water with glass water is relatively small. However, it should be noted that ordinary tap water also contains more impurities. For a long time, impurities will adhere to the rubber tube, which will affect the normal water spray. Long-term use may increase the friction between the glass surface and the wiper, and the glass may be scratched. The master said that the water can only be cleaned of dust, and the dirt and insects attached to the window are not thoroughly cleaned.

Adding glass water yourself

Adding glass water to your car, the most convenient way is to entrust the car wash shop or the repair shop to help. Calculate the account, let the beauty shop add about tens of dollars or so, the cost paid is definitely more expensive than buying a bottle of glass water. And this kind of work has no operational difficulty, and the owner can do it himself. Generally, the purchased glass water needs to be diluted, just follow the instructions on the instructions. In addition, when adding glass water yourself, be careful not to overfill. If there is some foam in the mouth of the container, do not worry, it does not affect the use.

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