Keep small details away from your car

After a long time of use, the car paint surface often corrodes. When the car is driving on the road, there will always be small stones on the paint surface. There is also a certain influence. When the time is long, the paint surface will peel off. The following car will be edited here to tell you about how to prevent rust in daily life.

Tip 1: Be wary of small flaws

The surface of the paint is often rusted. In addition to the common collisions and scratches, the small stones that bouncing on the tires when driving will hit the paint surface. Make the paint surface appear a small peeling point, and after a long time, it will produce small rust spots. These small scars are easily overlooked because they are mostly inconspicuous. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the car body, the engine compartment cover and the body around it. Once found, it is necessary to go to a professional beauty shop for treatment. The car beauty shop investment and entrepreneurship program has more little knowledge

Skill 2: Diligence Humidity of Cha Yishui

It is inevitable that when the vehicle is in the rain or snow, or passing through the muddy water surface, sludge is easily accumulated in some gaps such as the bottom of the car and the floor inside the car. If the owner does not clean in time, this will allow moisture to be hidden. Therefore, for the inner and outer edges of the hub, the bottom corner of the trunk, the trunk keyhole, and the movable part of the wiper frame, it is necessary to check frequently, and at the same time keep the drain holes of the doors and body parts unobstructed, and check the inner covering. Humidity, such as carpets, prevents rusting of floor components.

Tip 3: Soft lacquer finish glaze

Some vehicles with soft lacquer surface may cause fine scars when the sand particles hit the body during high-speed driving. For this type of car, the body can be sealed, it can form a solid protective film to improve the hardness of the paint, the effect can be maintained for about a year. The coating can also achieve a similar effect. In addition, the bottom of the vehicle can be armored or sealed, which can protect the chassis from acid rain and corrosion, so that the original protective layer is not easy to crack and fall off, and can prevent the impact of small stones on the chassis during driving. Entrepreneurship programs have more little knowledge.

Tip 4: It is best not to cover the car clothes

The vehicle is parked outdoors. If it is windy or rainy, the inner layer of the car will be repeatedly painted, especially If the wind blows into the car, there will be countless small scratches on the body, and the length of time will cause the paint to rust. In addition, do not use sand rags or rags to clean the sand on the car body after the sand is over, but should be washed with water, also to prevent the sand on the scorpions and rags from scratching the paint.

Tip 5: Do it yourself with small rust spots

For some slight scratches or rust on the car body, if the owner is not easy to rust, it is not worth the car. Beauty shop. Then, the owner can do it himself with some simple methods.

Tip 6: Refinishing pen can handle scars

If the rust is not very serious, you can use a very fine water sandpaper to gently rub the rust spots, but avoid the directionless mess. Grind, it should be polished in the same direction. After completely wiping, apply a primer. If it is a new scratch, it can be cleaned and applied directly to the primer. After that, if the vehicle is equipped with a small can of original paint, you can wait for the primer to dry, then smooth it with water sandpaper and apply the original paint on top of the primer. If there is no original paint, you can buy a touch up pen and use a touch up pen to color it. Although such a treatment does not have a good effect on the beauty shop, if it is a small or inconspicuous scar, it can also prevent the rust from expanding and aggravating. Auto beauty shop investment and entrepreneurship programs have more little knowledge.

Tip 7: Apply toothpaste for temporary rust prevention

Treat with ordinary toothpaste. When there are new small scars, apply the toothpaste to the scratches. After raining or washing the car, don’t forget to paint it again. This generally reduces the scratch marks, and can also be used as a simple isolation to prevent rust and no problem in the short term. Especially the white car paint, the effect is most obvious. Ok, Xiaobian tells you about it today. If you want to know more about car beauty, please pay attention to the car beauty shop investment and entrepreneurship program.

Don’t park your car under the tree

6. Keep your car window leakproof

Summer heat and direct sunlight can easily increase the temperature inside the car, so Many car owners will open the sunroof after parking or leave a small slit in the window to achieve ventilation and heat dissipation. Need to be reminded that in the rainy season, please close the window as much as possible. If there is sudden heavy rain, then your car may really become “ship”, and it is easy to cause damage to the leather seat and The smell inside the car.

Don’t forget to close the car window when parking.

7.Reinforce the license plate to prevent it.

No matter which city, you can search online every time after heavy rain. There are a lot of information about losing license plates and getting license plates to claim, so it is necessary to reinforce the license plates before the rainy season.

It is best to install all the anti-theft screws on the models with four license plate mounting holes. The anti-theft screws are not expensive. If the auto parts city buys a pack of ten dollars, there are only two models with mounting holes. It can be easily fixed with a pointed screw. Losing license plates not only requires money to be reissued, but the license plate will add more trouble to you if you fall into the wrong hands or those who have two hearts.

Strengthening the number plate of the vehicle to avoid the inconvenience and trouble caused by the loss

Even today, with the weather forecast, we can’t accurately predict the weather. In the summer when the rain falls, the owners should Prepare for the heavy rain in advance, the so-called “precautions” is exactly what this means.

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