Late autumn car maintenance strategy Every detail should not let go of

Near the fall, people are the most vulnerable to colds and illnesses, cars, such as people, if you are not well cared for, it is also easy to have one or the other problem. Under the condition that the temperature rise and fall is increased, many external or internal parts such as circuits, air conditioners, tires, etc. are prone to problems, and a series of all-round maintenance is carried out in time, and the car is smoothly passed through the autumn, safely and smoothly. One day is crucial.

The face of the car, the face of the person, the maintenance of a car is very important. At present, it is changing seasons. In the autumn, there are more dews. Sometimes, in the early morning, you will always see crystal clear dew hanging on the car body. But this is not a good sight to record. If the car body has been cracked or rubbed, the dew is likely to seriously rust the car body.

The following autumn maintenance techniques, each stroke is for the car’s autumn maintenance “soft ribs”, and recruited to hit the key.

Wiper aging is replaced:

Due to the high temperature and rain in summer, the rubber wiper of the wiper is prone to aging. If you find it is not very timely, when you want to use it, it will give you a little trouble. And the glass water should be replenished in time.

Car beauty is essential:

In the autumn morning, there are more dews, and the surface of the car is often very moist. If there is obvious scratch on the surface of your car, you should spray it in time to avoid it. The scratched area is damp and rusted. When changing seasons, it is best to do a series of beauty care from cleaning, polishing, waxing, sealing or coating to the surface of your car.

Dedusting in the car often does:

Some female car owners like to put plush toys in the car, but doing so will create a lot of dust or bacteria. In addition, the foot pad, the seat gap, the inside of the door, the instrument panel, the carpet, the seat, the trunk are also places where dust and bacteria are easy to accumulate, and the space inside the car is limited, the compartment is tight, and the inside of the car is inside. The air is not easy to convect, and harmful substances are more likely to breed. The hot weather in summer catalyzes the development of these harmful “powers”. Therefore, in the fall, it is best to thoroughly clean and disinfect the interior and components of the car. In addition, the door shaft and the guide rail are easily rusted by the influence of wind and sand and the car wash, and an abnormal sound is emitted when opening and closing. This problem can be solved by regularly applying anti-rust oil to the top.

Multi-run high speed to reduce carbon deposits:

In winter, car owners often face slow acceleration, tempering and tempering, and difficulty in starting. This means that your car valve may have accumulated. Carbon is gone. Therefore, in the autumn, the valve should be checked to see if there is carbon deposition, and it should be detected and repaired at the repair station in time. In addition, you can also run more highways, try to increase the shift speed of the hand-carrying car to prevent carbon deposits.

Charging system inspection:

It is important to check whether the generator belt is aging or cracking under the rainy season or hot weather. If this does not happen, remember to look at the tightness of the belt. If the belt is too loose, it will cause the belt to squeak and the belt will wear out early. If the belt is too tight, it will cause partial wear of the generator bearing.

Normal tire pressure explosion-proof tire:

The tire is the car’s “foot”, which plays a very important role in the safe driving of the vehicle. In the summer, due to the high temperature, always check the tire pressure, do not let the tire pressure too high, otherwise there will be a risk of puncture, and in the fall, because the temperature is relatively low, the tire will be added to the pressure, so that it remains in the prescribed Within the pressure range. At the same time, the tire should also be checked for scratches. The rubber tends to become hard and brittle during the autumn and winter seasons, and the tires are prone to air leakage and even tires.

Do not use water instead of antifreeze:

Some owners prefer to use tap water instead of antifreeze in the summer, which is highly undesirable. In the autumn when the weather is getting colder, if the antifreeze for the car cannot be replaced in time, once the temperature suddenly drops, it is likely to affect the normal operation of the car cooling system. Under normal circumstances, the car antifreeze is used for two years. If the owner uses antifreeze in the summer, as long as it does not exceed the service life, there is no need to rush to replace it. If you are using tap water, you will need to replace it immediately.

Glass tanks are often clean:

Rainy autumn, the glass tank will slowly accumulate dust and other rainwater leaving behind the remaining acid and alkali substances, which will affect the normal lifting of the car glass. If the owner wants to be convenient and quick, you can first pour a small amount of water into the slot. When you are free, you should choose the right amount of detergent. When driving, pay attention to the up and down glass to make the lubricant evenly covered in the slot.

Brake system inspection:

Observe the brake fluid enough, the quality is not reduced, and should be added or replaced as needed. The brake fluid must be replaced once every two years. Always check the brakes for weakness, deviation, and the pedaling force of the brake pedal. If necessary, clean the pipeline part of the entire brake system.

Windshield defrosting can not be underestimated:

Autumn weather turns cold, and hoarfrost will appear when the temperature is low. In this season, pay special attention to whether the defrosting outlet under the windshield is normal. If the heat is enough, if there is a problem, it should be solved in time. Otherwise, if there is a problem in the windshield defrosting air outlet, it will bring many troubles and unsafe factors to the winter driving.

Air Conditioning Replacement Before Winter:

Summer weather is hot and the temperature is high. Car air conditioners are often overloaded, and because of the heavy rain in summer, cars often take some wading roads, causing air conditioning to condense. The lower part of the device is contaminated with a lot of sediment. After a long time, the condenser will be rusted. From the shortening of the service life of the air conditioner, it is very important to make a maintenance for the car air conditioner.

The key to the battery:

In the fall, the electrode wiring of the car battery is the most problematic place. If you find green oxide at the electrode connection, you must use boiling water. If these green oxides cause the generator to run out of power, the battery will be in a deficient state, causing the battery to be scrapped or not starting up. The electrolyte in the battery can not be deficient. It is better to keep the lead plate flooded by 10 mm, and check the specific gravity of the electrolyte to maintain the charge. If the battery is not fully charged, it is easy to crack in the cold. The battery should be replaced when the vehicle is in motion for about three years.

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