The new car 5,000 km maintenance is very important lacquer maintenance to be completely

. A new car is always a happy thing, but some people say that owning a new car is like having a child, because you have to take care of you like a child. Car, happy to have a car, but also have the trouble of maintenance car. Car maintenance is a very important thing for every car owner. For a car owner, having the right knowledge of car ownership is definitely a benefit to others. The new car is no exception, car maintenance must be serious from the beginning of the new car, in order to extend the life of the car, let your car forever “old”.

Always know your partner  physical condition"

The first step in caring for your car is to familiarize yourself with all the information about the car, including the manual, the condition of the new car, and so on. For the basic operation and maintenance guide of the new car, the owner must be familiar with it from the beginning, such as engine type, various component capacities, spark plug specifications, tire pressure of various load conditions, tightening torque of various screws, etc. Driving inspection items and methods, as well as emergency response methods, are unfamiliar common sense.

The second is to understand the status of your new car. Many people think that the new car does not need to be checked. This is wrong. The new car needs to pay attention to the car condition from time to time. Is there any abnormal noise when driving, whether the chassis screw is locked or not? The Qingdao Oil Monkey Auto Repair Service staff also told reporters that the tire pressure of the car is also a major concern. Whether the tire pressure is normal or not directly affects the vehicle’s grip and driving comfort, all of which need to be started when the new car starts. Be careful, otherwise you will regret it if you are unable to make up for the irreparable damage.

The first maintenance of the new car paint will be thoroughly

There is no aging problem in the new car paint surface, so most people think that the new car paint surface does not need to be deeply maintained. In fact, the new car paint surface is already from the factory. Beginning to contact with various erosions and damages, the first maintenance is particularly important. For the first time, car body maintenance and waxing are often the quality guarantee for car maintenance in the future. If the maintenance is not good, many problems will arise in the future. Only by correct and careful maintenance from the beginning can we make our car last forever.

Car wash is not sloppy, otherwise improper cleaning will damage the outer part of the bright oil part, should go to the dust-free manual car wash room, use the special detergent to completely remove the car surface, if necessary, you can To do the sealing glaze, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Meiyingwang Auto Beauty Center that the general glazed car does not need to be waxed within one year, only need to be cleaned with water and then wiped dry with a clean suede cloth, and anti-oxidation , UV protection, keep the paint will not fade.

5000 km maintenance is the most important

The maintenance of the new car is most important when driving to 5000 km. When the new car is in the early stage, the general 4S shop has free maintenance and repair, and there are frequent reminders from technicians. guide. When the car is driven to 5,000 kilometers, it has reached an important maintenance stage. In addition to daily inspection and maintenance, it is also necessary to pay attention to replacing engine oil, oil filter and air filter.

Pay attention to the liquid level and freezing point of antifreeze in winter, check the brake system for oil leakage, whether the friction plate is within the specified thickness, check the wear of the engine belt, adjust the belt tension if necessary, etc. At this time, a full inspection is required again. After the maintenance, your car will enter a new state, it will bring you a new feeling.

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