Autumn wind, autumn rain, people pay attention to autumn car maintenance, five steps

                                                 As the saying goes, autumn wind and autumn rain are stunned. Cars, like people, need to cultivate themselves when they are experiencing seasonal changes. Below, the editor of the second-hand car evaluation ( will share with you five steps in the coming car maintenance.

Car air conditioners work hard throughout the summer. In the fall, riders can focus on it.

First check if the refrigerant is adequate, either by sensing the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet lines of the dryer or by using a manifold pressure gauge. Secondly, always clean the dust and dirt in the air outlet and the cab. This not only contributes to the aesthetics of the car, but also to the health of the occupants. Third, check regularly whether the liquid level of the refrigerant in the air conditioning system is normal. There are several ways to check the level of the liquid, but the most common and simplest method is to use the peephole inspection of the dryer. Fourth, check if the compressor belt is good. If the surface of the belt is in contact with the pulley groove, the side is bright, and there is “no” noise when starting the air conditioner. It indicates that the belt should be replaced with a serious belt slip. If the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted. Otherwise, the air conditioning system may be poorly cooled. Fifth, check the air conditioning system hoses and fittings for oil. If leakage is found, the maintenance personnel should be consulted in a timely manner.

Air conditioning filters should be cleaned and replaced

Air conditioning regular cleaning can be done every six months. It is best to choose a dusting cleaning when changing seasons. When washing the car, the condenser can be removed and cleaned with a high pressure water gun. Because it is possible to roll into leaves and bugs when driving at high speed on weekdays, simple cleaning treatment will be more conducive to the heat dissipation of the car. It is also necessary to clean the air conditioner filter. However, the cleaning method should be determined according to its material. If it is a strainer, it can be washed with water, which is simple and economical. If it is made of activated carbon, this method is not desirable. In addition, the blower of the air conditioner should also be dusted.

Engine: Listening to the sound to judge the working condition

When car maintenance, not only must you watch, but also listen carefully. Because from the sound, the car will convey its health to the owner. In the fall, car owners can choose to listen to the car in a relatively quiet place ” heart sounds & rdquo;. For example, you can choose to determine whether the vehicle’s pulley, engine and other components have abnormal sound when the car is cold-started. If there is a similar metal knocking sound, it is necessary to carry out a serious inspection.

Car tires: pay attention to check tire wear

When the car is in season maintenance, the riders need to pay attention to the detection and maintenance of the tires. Summer tires will produce turtles due to high temperature friction and wear. crack. Cracks increase as you drive. Therefore, when the riders change seasons in the fall, they should pay special attention to check whether the tires are cracked, carefully check the surface damage, and see if they are abnormally worn to ensure safe driving. At this time, the rider can use the tire indicator (wearing limit position) or depth gauge, vernier caliper and other methods to detect. According to reports, the limit of the tire groove depth mark is 1.6mm. Need to be reminded that, especially for new owners, pay attention to the mark of the extreme position of the tire before driving. Once the tire is worn to the extreme position, the tire should be replaced in time.

Adjusting the oil concentration of the engine oil in a timely manner

In addition to checking the tires, changing the oil is an important part of vehicle maintenance, due to the use of the vehicle, environmental influences and some materials over time. Changes must be checked regularly to avoid further damage or accidents. When doing seasonal maintenance, pay special attention to the concentration of motor oil. Usually, when choosing the engine oil, the riders need to consider the change of the season. Because the viscosity of the oil changes with temperature, the viscosity in winter becomes higher and the viscosity in summer becomes lower. Therefore, in hot regions and seasons, try to choose oil with a slightly higher viscosity. When the temperature changes and the weather is cold, the oil with lower viscosity can be used.

Interior: Autumn and cool interiors need to be thoroughly sterilized and cleaned

When changing seasons, it is necessary to fully disinfect the interior of the car. The carpets and floor coverings in the summer compartments, the cushions on the chairs and other interiors, as well as some dead corners in the compartments may be dusty and easy to breed various bacteria. Once the weather is cold, the windows of the car are closed, and the air inside the car begins to become turbid. The odor and bacteria will endanger the health of the human body, so you can make a thorough interior sterilization for the car during the season. And clean, such as steam sauna, photocatalyst disinfection, etc., to ensure the health and comfort of the riding environment.
Article source: China used car city

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