Do it yourself DIY easily complete simple daily maintenance

A friend with a car must have such a feeling, the maintenance of the vehicle is a small expense, no matter what maintenance, as long as you enter the 4S shop, let alone the accessories, the light time is A lot of money, is there really no way to save some money? In theory, the car is a rigorous and complicated machine, any operation related to it needs to be carried out at a professional repair station, but in real life There are some accessories that are not related to the machine itself. They can also be replaced and inspected by themselves. It not only increases the understanding of the vehicle but also saves a lot of money. It is indeed a matter of killing two things. Today we will introduce some Do not go to the 4S shop, you can carry out small maintenance.

●Replacement of air-conditioning filter recommended index: ★★★☆☆

The replacement interval of air-conditioning filters for most models is 1 year. Of course, vehicles in different vehicle environments need to be adjusted according to their own conditions. In addition to the difficulty of replacing a few models due to the installation location, many models of air conditioning filters can be replaced by themselves.

First of all, you should know the location of your car’s air-conditioning filter. You can get the answer from the vehicle manual or the 4S shop. The air-conditioning filter of the general vehicle is below the center console (the left and right are uncertain). There is no difficulty in the process of replacement. It is nothing more than removing the outer casing and taking out the filter element and replacing it with new ones. Since the position of the air-conditioning filter element of each car is different, the disassembly and assembly method is also different. We will not introduce it in detail here, but need to pay attention to it. Some vehicles are dismantled in a fixed order or require some tools and techniques. You can consult the worker’s master during maintenance and go home and try several times according to the formal method.

With this method, the owner can check the accessories regularly. When the air conditioner filter is found to be dirty but has not reached the replacement level, it can be cleaned easily. However, it should be noted that the air conditioner filter should not be washed and cleaned. Otherwise, the filter element is easily rotted when it meets water. At the same time, the purchase of new accessories is an aspect that needs attention. Try to choose a more regular accessory store to purchase. Otherwise, in order to save a few maintenance money, it is not only a waste of money, but also a loss for both the vehicle and the car.

●Replace the air filter recommended index: ★★★☆☆

Same as the air filter, the air filter replacement interval should be about 1-1.5 years, the specific replacement time should be based on the degree of pollution. Decide. As for the replacement method, the models are not the same.

Take the Swift model of this experiment as an example. The air filter element is located inside the engine compartment. When replacing, the two side clamps should be manually released, and then the edge of the air filter element will be exposed, and then it will be pulled out from one side. can. Conditional owners can ask the maintenance master during the previous maintenance. After one or two exercises, they can be proficient in operation, which is simple and saves maintenance costs.

●Replace the glass water recommendation index: ★★★★★

I believe that there are not many friends who go to the 4S shop to change the glass water, if you are unfortunately among the few people It should be noted that this is an extremely easy job. When the glass water is low and cannot be sprayed normally, buy a bottle of glass water, open the hood, and find a cover with glass and water spray on the left side. Usually blue or yellow), just fill in the glass water.

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