Can save a lot of gasoline. Pay attention to maintenance and driving skills.

Now there are more and more people with cars, and the price of oil is not low. How to maintain and pay attention to driving skills, you must learn skills to better save fuel. The editor of the used car evaluation introduced several fuel-efficient driving skills.

1. Carefully check the tire system.

With the soaring oil prices, oil prices have become a topic of debate and debate in the gap between car owners. How to let your car have less oil and more running is a very practical problem.

2. Carefully check the brake system.

Some cars will have a light and thin brake, which will increase the load on the car when driving, which will increase fuel consumption, so check it on time.

3. Adjust and replace the whole machine on schedule.

It is necessary to change the atmosphere filter, gasoline filter, oil filter, etc. for every 5,000 km or more. Because the air filter infarction will cause the gas volume to be reduced, the gasoline incineration is not full, and the low fuel obeys. The wear of the clutch plate and the clutch platen, the use of the spark plug for too long, will also show signs of increased fuel consumption, so it should be exchanged on schedule.

4. Increase the load.

Statistical performance, for every 1000 grams of load will increase fuel consumption by 1%, so try to reduce the amount of idle things in the trunk. (This article Source: China Used Car City)

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