Boao raised a high-profile car, how hot can home maintenance?

In the past six months, home maintenance has become the hottest topic in the automotive aftermarket. However, all the projects that are in contact with the door-to-door maintenance, the VCs are all eye-catching, for fear of missing the opportunity to enter the first round. Recently, with the launch of the high-end brand of Boao car maintenance, E maintenance completed the first round of million dollars financing, the topic of home maintenance has once again been pushed to the cusp of public opinion. Just need the market, Boao led the car door-to-door maintenance hot in 2002 In 2002, the Chinese auto market gradually began to heat up, the major auto manufacturers have earned a lot of pottery in the past 10 years, 4S shop is also profitable, rising. Although the 4S shop maintenance model has been criticized, but for Chinese families who have just been in contact with the car for more than 10 years, there is not much room for selection other than going to the 4S shop. In the past six months, the car door-to-door maintenance mode has gradually entered the field of vision of the owners. The birth of the door-to-door maintenance mode has attracted attention inside and outside the industry. For Chinese consumers, there is finally a convenient and transparent way to achieve low-cost car maintenance. Just the need for the market, so that this model will be recognized by the market as soon as it is born. According to our incomplete statistics, from January to August 2014, there are a large number of car door maintenance companies in the Beijing market, and there are five companies in succession. The door-to-door maintenance company can be described as hot. On November 1st, Beijing’s first car home maintenance company & mdash; Jiewei Automobile, released his second door-to-door car brand & mdash; Boao car. Different from the EasyJet brand launched by Jiewei Automobile in the early stage, Boao car is mainly aimed at the high-end car market segment. At the beginning of the market, it only serves the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo and MINI models. The service provided is also very different from the EasyJet card. The EasyJet card mainly provides quick maintenance items such as replacement of oil machine filter and oil filter. Boao provides tailor-made services for the owner. The customized maintenance plan will solve all the problems related to the future and maintenance for the owner and play the role of a good car manager. As the first high-end door-to-door car brand in China, Boao has promoted the enthusiasm of the investment community. Will the home-care model represented by Boao Cars win the market’s enthusiasm? The on-site interview of Mr. Lai Xiaoning, an investor in the A-round investor of Boao Car Maintenance, provided the market with an answer. Investor Lai Xiaoning: The rapid development of the mobile Internet has made me more optimistic about Boao car maintenance. “Boao is the third auto aftermarket company I invested in. & rdquo; Mr. Lai Xiaoning, a partner of the Innovation Workshop, said in an interview at the launch conference of Boao Car Maintenance. “The first one is easy to shoot, and the second one is easy to use.” & rdquo; Car easy to shoot and easy to use the car through the rapid growth of the geometric level, is now a car aftermarket company of 1 billion yuan. The unique understanding of the automotive aftermarket has also made Lai Xiaoning a good source of investment. For Boao to raise a car, Mr. Lai Xiaoning also has high hopes. “What is the significance of the 4S shop maintenance? You are not going to sleep inside, you just need to buy a car, do a service, and the final cost must be borne by the customer. & rdquo; Mr. Lai Xiaoning pointed out that the 4S shop has become bigger and bigger. When investing in a car, Lai Xiaoning is fascinated by the “convenient and good service”. He firmly believes that the 4S shop system will definitely be broken, and the functions in it will be cut out by one item. Beyond the model, Mr. Lai Xiaoning has a different understanding of the car itself. “People’s attitude towards the car is also changing. I remember that the first car I bought in my senior year was the second-hand Jetta. At the time, I thought that this car might be our car for a lifetime. I couldn’t help but look out the window during class. Today, it’s not a serious matter when the car is smashed several times. People’s attention to the car itself is declining. In addition, the integration of the car is getting higher, and even from a certain point of view, the car is simpler than the mobile phone. No one will dismantle the tens of thousands of parts of the engine. The advantage is that people’s fear, technology and mystery are very bad. The maintenance of the car will naturally rise to a very good recognition. Therefore, you will not be so afraid of the maintenance and repair of the car, you will try some new means and methods. So I think it is time to arrive, the opportunity is here, and the market stock is here. “What is the heat of home maintenance? Consumers say that investors are optimistic, the market just needs to exist, then how hot is home maintenance? This can not escape the universal law of the market, only the consumer can recognize, the market can continue to heat up and ferment. How do consumers recognize? Mr. Ji Wei, CEO of Boao Car Maintenance, believes that the customer experience is the first and the customer experience is based on professionalism. Home maintenance is not a door nail, and the car is related to safety, which requires home maintenance needs to be more professional, while providing convenience to customers, but also to provide vehicle safety. In the early stage of the market, due to various aspects of hot speculation, car door maintenance will continue for a period of time, more car door maintenance companies will appear one after another, but the real market recognition, must be the most professional, can provide the most A company with a great customer experience.

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