Car home maintenance, maybe really need to go slower

                                                    In the past six months, the car door-to-door maintenance mode has gradually entered the field of vision of Chinese car owners. Once this model emerged, it has attracted attention inside and outside the industry. For Chinese car owners, in addition to 4S stores, there is finally a convenient, transparent and low-cost car maintenance method. Especially after the warranty period, when the vehicle is facing maintenance and repair, the owner will tangled whether to go to the 4S shop or the roadside repair shop for maintenance. Going to the 4S shop is expensive, and the distance is far from the time; the roadside repair shop is worried that the quality of maintenance is not high. The popularity of the mobile Internet has made the door-to-door maintenance solve the problem well from the convenience. This kind of after-sales work that sinks to the front line is more conducive to the car owner enjoying the real service. The door-to-door maintenance market is hot, and the level of service providers is uneven. Due to the market demand, the door-to-door maintenance mode has been recognized. According to statistics, from January to August 2014, there are five large-scale car door-to-door service providers in the Beijing market, which is hot. Due to the market’s heat, capital is optimistic, resulting in a large number of auto repair shops, car practitioners are vying to enter the siege. However, home maintenance is not called take-out, and dealing with the car, the most important thing is safe and reliable, not a van, several maintenance workers can set up a stall to do the door maintenance. With the most on-the-spot service providers on the market, there are many ways to replace the air-conditioning filter. One person is carrying the air-conditioning filter product and sitting on the subway to replace the filter. There is a service vehicle, a complete vehicle test for the owner, and an air conditioner filter. Behind such a service difference, we can see that the market needs to exist and there is a lot of space. Consumers are eager for convenient and fast service. So, behind these services, who will guarantee the safety of consumers? Who will provide guarantees for these door-to-door maintenance companies? In response to this, Mr. Ji Wei, the person in charge of the first high-end car brand in China, said: Home maintenance companies need more professionalism. At the same time of market expansion, if there is no good professional guarantee, no problem will be solved. Big problem, the five-level quality assurance system that has been implemented in Boao’s car maintenance has escorted consumers from the five aspects of product source, technician standard, service process, after-sales tracking and accident protection, so that consumers can choose this emerging more reassuringly. mode. Internet thinking is awkward, does market expansion really need to be fast? As an emerging O2O model in the automotive aftermarket, home maintenance is highly sought after by the capital market. Boss car maintenance, E maintenance and other home maintenance companies have successively received 10 million VCs, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Due to the involvement of the Internet and capital, some home maintenance companies have begun to explore regional markets. Is this rapid development model conducive to the sound development of the market? This problem will also return to the home maintenance itself. Due to limited space, tools and other reasons, home maintenance services are now more focused on light maintenance, although it is mild maintenance, but unlike 4S stores focusing on a single brand model, home maintenance companies are facing a full-brand model This poses a challenge to the professionalism of the technician team. This not only requires door-to-door maintenance companies to have a threshold when recruiting technicians, but also has unique methods and strict standards in the later training and assessment, so that technicians can familiarize with most models in the market. Then the technicians who provide maintenance services at home provide professional and safe services to consumers. This requires the home maintenance company to have a standardized training and evaluation system. I believe that the establishment of this system is not fast enough. After all, professional standardization is not a simple task. Especially in the automotive field, I hope that our company will not forget that car maintenance is a professional concentration because of rapid expansion. The safety of car owners should be in the first place. In addition, the user experience is also a big challenge for home-based car service providers. Car door maintenance depends on the O2O mode and must be placed online. Distribution technicians, maintenance process records, post-service evaluations, etc. are presented in data. This requires a high level of information management and requires a complete set of IT solutions. It takes time to accumulate. Maybe the car is on the door and it will be slower to go further. Car home maintenance, need to be more focused Now many companies are making ingenuity, serious, why? Because of the demand, the market needs serious enterprises, and it needs a company with ingenuity. The car maintenance market needs such a company. The car itself is a technical job. From the point of view of the current car door maintenance market, whether it is Boao car to focus on the high-end market, or Carradine’s anti-crime struggle, in fact, are focused, and hope to do the first in the field. In terms of Boao car maintenance, the first door-to-door car brand in the domestic market to open up the high-end market, from the perspective of Boao car maintenance services, currently only involves Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo and MINI five models, on this point Boao car CEO Ji Wei mentioned more than once in the interview: I don’t think that our service model is very narrow, the high-end model itself is relatively complicated, the needs of the owners are not the same, we hope to make the service deep and deep, we will do every model Extremely, all models, we will let the technicians practice the drills, the internal assessment is not closed, we will not serve the new models. Similarly, another brand on the market, Carradine, has been focusing on anti-fog since its introduction. Only by focusing on this spirit can we better protect the interests of consumers. We hope to see the healthy development of this market, and there are more and more dedicated companies to provide consumers with more convenient and professional services.

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