Winter car maintenance full Raiders Maintenance car wash should pay attention to

                                                 The recent sudden drop in temperature indicates the coming of winter, and the cold winter is a period of easy failure for vehicles, so car maintenance in winter is particularly important. For the car, how to get through the winter is also very knowledgeable. Here is a description of the winter car maintenance strategy.

In terms of appearance:

1. The northern winter is cold and dry, and the car will often be attacked by ice, snow and sand, so that the paint will appear matte in advance, the vehicle will be cleaned frequently, and waxing will not only be timely. Anti-UV can also resist acid and snow corrosion and friction.

2. Winter maintenance, cleaning vehicles should use warm water, can not be washed directly with cold water. Especially after the engine is warmed up, the temperature in the front part of the car is high, and the cold water is used to cause rapid cooling, which is very unfavorable for the surface paint, and it is not possible to directly flush the engine. After flushing, open the door and dry the water in time to prevent the residual water from freezing at the door joint and freeze the door. Do not force the switch when the window is frozen. Pay special attention to the electric window and wait until it is naturally melted.

In electrical appliances:

In the cold winter, the car’s power consumption is much larger than in other seasons. Before the arrival of the winter, you should take care of the car’s battery, so that you don’t have to worry about it when you are not on fire. For batteries that are not maintenance-free, if they have been used for a long time, the battery should be sent to the repair shop for a full charge to keep the battery in good working condition. The life of a typical battery is two to three years. If the vehicle is near the end of its service life, especially the automatic transmission model, it is best to replace it in advance to prevent accidents.

Maintenance Tips:

The winter maintenance of the car is mainly reflected in the relatively high temperature requirements of antifreeze, battery, engine, tire and wiper.

First, the battery. Always check the electrolyte level and specific gravity so that the battery is always in a good condition.

Second, dry filter cleaning. As we all know, most of China’s winter is windy, the air is dry, and the fine sand filled in the wind forms abrasive with the empty electronic display gas entering the cylinder wall of the cylinder, which accelerates the wear of the cylinder and sticks with the oil on the big screen of the led. Speed ​​up the deterioration of the oil, so the dust on the air filter must be cleaned every 5,000 km.

Third, the engine. Pay attention to check whether the temperature of the engine is normal. In fact, it is checking the opening of the thermostat. Whether the temperature of the engine is too high or too low will increase the wear of the engine.

Fourth, tires. Pay attention to check the tire pressure of the spare tire. Look at the plastic sidewalls for cracks, breakage, or bulging. If you have any of the above, you must go to a professional maintenance station immediately.

Fifth, wiper. If it is damaged, it must be replaced and filled with windshield cleaner in the hood to maintain good visibility and visibility.

Sixth, remove the frozen ice on the glass. Cars parked outside the garage will form a layer of frozen thick ice on the glass after a cold night. Do not use thermal hydrolysis if you are anxious to go to school or work. This will not only make the window glass rupture, the wiper deformed, but also freeze in the cold, the hot water will fall out, and it will freeze immediately, which will increase the difficulty. The recommended method is to open the air conditioner to the hot air, and the blowing mode is the front windshield, and the wiper is naturally opened. At the same time, use ice and snow to slowly remove ice from the ice gap. If you don’t have a snow shovel brush, you can use a credit card to scrape slowly.

Car Wash

There are three steps to pay attention to in winter car wash:

1. Washing with warm water is often dripping into ice in cold weather, so the biggest taboo when washing a car is water droplets on the vehicle. Freezing, the direct consequence of this is that the paint layer is broken. Therefore, it is best to use warm water when washing the car, not directly with cold water. If possible, it should be done indoors. After the vehicle enters the station, stay for 5 to 10 minutes and wait for the engine to cool down before cleaning. Quenching and heat are not good for the paint surface.

2, to prevent water from entering the lock hole, etc.

Always turn off the engine before washing the car, close the window and the movable sunroof, and take back the antenna. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner to spray soft parts on the car, such as seals, hoses, tires, etc., even if it is sprayed for a short period of time.

When flushing a car with a water pipe, do not use a water nozzle to spray water at the joint of the lock hole, the door and the trunk lid to avoid freezing at low temperatures. For the door lock cylinder, a special protective agent sprayer can be used to lubricate the anti-corrosion and prevent icing.

3, after washing the car, wipe it clean and wash the car in winter. After cleaning, open the door and dry the water in time to prevent the residual water in the door from freezing and freezing the door. In addition, the wiper and cleaning device is mainly used to clean the windshield and maintain a good line of sight. Do not use a wiper to remove snow directly when the snow is too thick in winter. If the windows and mirrors are already covered with snow and ice, the residue on them can only be removed with a plastic blade. When cleaning, the blade can only move in the same direction. Never scratch it back and forth to prevent the hard material left on the glass from scratching the glass. In addition, the oil, grease, wax, silicone and other dirt appearing on the window can be cleaned with a special window cleaner or silicone remover.

Always keep enough washing liquid in the washing tank. For the best washing results, use the specified washing solution. When filling, be careful not to mix impurities, do not add general detergent, in order to avoid freezing liquid in winter, in the cold conditions, should add the washing liquid with the corresponding antifreeze performance.

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