Boao car maintenance monthly orders broke 10,000, the layout of the country 10 cities first

                                                    What is the hottest in the automotive industry in 2014? On-site maintenance is undoubtedly the hottest keyword in the automotive industry with the high recognition of the market. Since the end of 2013, car door maintenance companies have hit the market at an unprecedented speed. In August 2014 alone, there were 8 car door maintenance companies in the market, including Boao car maintenance, E maintenance, and Mocha cars. It is a door-to-door maintenance car company that has obtained millions of VCs. The market has just started, and it has entered a period of fierce competition. Every company is showing its magical powers. It is the first to break the order of Wanbo to raise the car and win the car market. “10000 is a 10 4S shop for one month. We use 3 It’s the magnitude of 10 4S stores in a month, which is very exciting data. “The Boao car maintenance COO Wang Yunxiang said. Since the door-to-door maintenance model, the 10,000-single has been an unattainable goal for many home-care companies, which means that at least 60 cars and 120 technicians are required for hardware maintenance. Software needs not only to improve the technician training and employment system, but also to have a strong IT system to support. Regarding the technician training system, Boao has its own uniqueness. According to Zhang Liang, Marketing Director of Boao, Boao has been making technical reserves since its establishment. All technicians have to undergo 291 hours of training after they join the company. After the assessment, it can be officially employed. It is officially due to such a rigorous training system that Boao can ensure high-quality operation under such rapid growth. Rapid expansion of the market is still a good way to do quality, one step at a time? This is an unavoidable problem encountered by many entrepreneurial companies in the early stage of expansion. Mr. Ji Wei, CEO of Boao, has always been a supporter of slow theory. He has always believed that customer experience is king. Without a good customer experience, rapid market expansion is just a flash in the pan. In the last six months of June and August last year, Boao Cars deliberately controlled the order volume, focused on the customer experience, and did a lot of quality improvement work. For such a fast speed to reach 10,000 orders, CEO Ji Wei also feels very surprised, ” 10000 single, in our plan, but did not expect to only use 3 months, after all, 10000 single is a hurdle, enterprise size, quality control Standardization management must enter a new stage. Layout 10 city Boao car industry benchmarks“ In January 2015, we will open door maintenance services in 10 cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wuhan. Our standardization control puts high demands on it. “When it comes to future plans, CEO Ji Wei’s first thought is still the customer experience. Before Boao’s national car strategy was launched, several of the home maintenance companies had already moved. For this, Ji Wei has his own opinion: “It is not difficult to open a site in the country. In mid-2014, we have the ability to spread services across the country, but we have not started the reason. Mainly in terms of standardization, we have not yet met our requirements. After the half-year improvement, we believe that the time is ripe. We can do what we enjoy in Beijing and enjoy the same service in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Our technician’s training system ensures that technicians from different cities perform the same level of service when doing the same service. I think when the nationwide service is rolled out, the key is whether the quality of service can be ensured. If the quality of service cannot be ensured, blind expansion will only bring about unnecessary losses. For this expansion, CEO Ji Wei is full of confidence. He is from the factory and he is taking his team of auto people to move forward steadily. He believes that the customer experience is the first. He is setting up a door-to-door maintenance industry from order to quality. A new benchmark.

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