Car 020 new mode, get the second drive and maintenance

car treasure V3.0.0 from the initial prototype, to the official release of the new version of the product, experienced a variety of twists and turns in the middle, our design and development team through and N design optimization With a variety of considerations, the practical and convenient function experience, practical and simple visual experience, and easier-to-use interactive operation will be presented to the users of the car. Today, no matter how you feel about car treasure v3.0.0, you will realize from the side of its ease of use and practicality that this car treasure team is a group of people, a group of lovely people, is always trying to optimize users. Experience the team! We just want to be an Internet product that car owners like, and make it more practical and convenient. To this end, our team gathered to discuss, argue, and finally adhere to, advance, we have used countless days and nights, countless efforts to create a new version of the car treasure V3.0.0, this is also a gorgeous turn. There is no need to be afraid of the year-end party. The mobile app is called the driver’s car. At the end of the year, the peak season of travel, the warmth of family and friends, and the activities of workplace exchanges have increased. However, don’t neglect the safety of driving. Reunion of family and friends, drinking during the period is often inevitable, but how to drive after drinking? The new car service is launched by the car, and the car owners can choose the driving service through the mobile phone app of the car, and make a one-click appointment to drive the driver. From the traditional driving mode to the new O2O mode, making driving easier and convenient! As long as you make a successful appointment, confirm the order on the line, you can be free of charge by the driver company for your tailor-made “private driver”, pay attention to the free appointment! Drivers can usually arrive in 20 minutes. Drivers will complete six processes as required: presenting badges, confirming orders, checking vehicle conditions, signing driving service orders, and service quality scores. The entire service standard process is rigorous. Perfect, let users really experience the happy experience of mobile phone APP booking and driving. In the two months before the Lunar New Year’s Eve, it is a common thing to drink a wine and call it a car. On the peak of driving, the car phone is called the driver, which will inevitably attract the attention and favor of the car owners. Appointment for on-site maintenance, saving time and convenience. The car treasure APP relies on the B2C operation mode to pass the car treasure, the owner can easily purchase the car beauty, maintenance, repair and other services online. With the car treasure app, you can directly purchase or reserve the latest, clearly priced car maintenance services, while also enjoying great discounts and benefits. At the door maintenance of the car treasure reservation, it is completely free at present. The car maintenance service is in the form of a package. As long as the user purchases and maintains the consumables of the car, the free on-site maintenance service and the minimum working hour discount can be saved to a certain extent. The cost of raising a car. In the one-click service of the car, you can place a reservation directly, and you can enjoy the service, saving the time for the owner to go on the road and wait in line. As a mobile phone application of “One-stop” car-care service, the car treasure integrates the resources of the offline small and medium-sized car service providers online, and then provides them to the owners through standardized packages, so that the owners can be like supermarkets. Buying satisfactory car service products, and the price is generally 20% lower than the 4S shop, which really brings huge benefits to the owner. Free door-to-door inspection, saving car-raising costs The car-raising V3.0.0 launched a door-to-door inspection service. In terms of service models and standard processes, it challenges the door-to-door car industry and establishes industry standards through professional services. Online test, free home visit, professional testing, and inspection report will be issued. Through the standardized service process, the company provides professional, convenient and standardized professional testing items for the owners. Yangbao provides on-site service and 35 free inspections of the whole car, which saves you time and effort. It is easy to get everything by computer and mobile phone. The car door inspection only detects and does not repair. We issue professional test reports for the owner’s reference, so there is no other cost, so there is no behavior of fraudulent owners. The controllability of on-site service time increases, the service time is selected according to the owner’s own situation, and the maintenance peaks before the weekend and holiday are staggered, saving time and cost. We provide you with 5S level service, free price, and therefore, it is a brand new choice for the reservation of the car treasure reservation & free registration. In this new era of mobile Internet, everyone can become their own car-raising expert. This is the new way for car maintenance to bring us a car! Integrating the automotive service market with the Internet, and precisely and conscientiously serving the owners, this is what our car treasure team is doing now. Raising the car APP: As a mobile phone application based on GPS satellite positioning, the car treasure not only provides the owner with clear-price service, beauty, maintenance and other services, real-time consumption evaluation interactive platform, and provides “illegal inquiry”. “Car alarm clock & rdquo; and other tools and services, at the same time, APP integrated “rescue”, “home maintenance”, “received compensation”, “ldaffy violation”, “delivery and repair” & rdquo; , “Car home” & rdquo; and other special services, designed to lift the owner’s car troubles with one button.

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