Winter season The five elements of car maintenance need to pay attention to the

. Winter is a “very” season for the car, so it is very important to keep the car safe for the winter. The necessary maintenance and maintenance is very important. Testing of engines, tires, and lights is common, but detection and adjustment of heating, antifreeze, and braking systems are targeted.

Antifreeze must be changed for two years

The primary function of antifreeze is to prevent the coolant from freezing during cold winter parking and to crack the radiator and freeze the engine cylinder block or cover for safety. Winter has an extremely important role.

If it is a new car, it is generally not necessary to add antifreeze within two years, because all vehicles have been added at the factory. If it is an old car, the high-quality antifreeze has been changed in the previous year, that is, the freezing point, boiling point and anti-corrosion performance of the antifreeze meet the requirements, so there is no need to change this year. However, if you have not changed the antifreeze for two years, you must go to replace it. This is because the antifreeze is usually valid for two years, and the expired antifreeze will cause corrosion of the cylinder and cause serious damage to the engine. In addition, make sure that the freezing point of the antifreeze is kept at minus 25 degrees, and if it is colder, you need to change the freezing point to a lower freezing point.

The battery needs to be replenished with electrolyte

The battery is most afraid of low temperature, and the battery capacity under low temperature is much lower than that at normal temperature. Therefore, before the cold season, the electrolyte of the battery should be replenished, and the terminal of the battery should be cleaned and coated with special grease to ensure reliable starting and prolong battery life. If the vehicle is not used for a few weeks in the open air or cold storage, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent the battery from freezing.

Lubricating oil should be replaced with low temperature

In addition to replacing antifreeze, it is safe to winter, and the owner should pay attention to the replacement of oil. The viscosity of the oil changes with temperature. At present, there are two types of oil on the market: single-stage and multi-stage. Single-stage oil has a narrow temperature range. One viscosity grade is only applicable to some seasons of the year and cannot be used all year round. If the engine uses lubricating oil as multi-grade oil, it can be used in winter and summer (multi-grade oil: 10W/300E gasoline engine oil, the use range is -20°C-40°C; 15W/300E gasoline engine oil, the use range is -18°C-40°C; 15W/400E gasoline engine oil, the use range is -18 °C or more). If your car uses “single-stage” oil, it should be replaced with winter low-temperature oil.

Glass cleaning solution avoids tap water

In summer, many drivers often use pure water or tap water plus detergent to use as a glass cleaning solution. This is to save money. In summer, the amount of use is relatively large), on the other hand, because it is easy to access, it is almost at your fingertips.

But in the winter, it is very dangerous to use tap water as a glass cleaning solution. Once the temperature is too low, substitutes such as pure water and tap water will often freeze, and sometimes the container will burst. Therefore, in the winter, the original pure water and other substitutes must be lighted and replaced with a glass cleaning solution that is not afraid of freezing. . If you really want to save, you can use a 5:1 mixed liquid of tap water and antifreeze instead.

Keeping the thermostat working properly

The function of the thermostat is to automatically control the normal water temperature of the engine. When starting at low temperature, the engine can be heated quickly to reduce cylinder wear. Some cars have high water temperatures in the summer, and the repairman removes the thermostat. Although it can solve the summer problem, it will be reversed in the winter. If you don’t pay attention, it is possible to waste a bucket of antifreeze for a small water pipe.

According to tests, if the thermostat is removed, the engine start-up time is extended by 4 to 5 times, and the cylinder wear is increased by 5 to 6 times. Therefore, the practice of arbitrarily removing the thermostat is incorrect.

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