Experts teach you to maintain new strategies. Four tips have great effect

                                                 Transparent soap-protected leather seat

The leather seat is afraid of hard objects and is more afraid of chemical cleaning. The transparent soap with minimal corrosiveness not only has good detergency, but also has a soft and shiny leather surface after drying. To do so, soak it in warm water with a clean soft towel, apply a proper amount of soap to the towel, and gently wipe the seat. At this point, if the towel gets dirty, it proves that decontamination has a significant effect. Wipe off the soap and let it dry. Wipe it twice with a soap-free wet towel. This method is decontaminated, the leather surface is clean and fluffy, fresh and fresh. This method also applies to plastic parts at the door trim and dashboard. The reason is that the soap is highly decontaminating and has no irritation to human skin, and is more practical for leather parts.

To remove scratches with toothpaste

Brightly painted paints often inadvertently scratch the road. The owner of the car can not push the sand to the car beauty shop, and use the toothpaste to remove the slighter stroke. Traces, the effect is good. Wash the scratches with water first, then take a clean cloth or towel. Gently rub the toothpaste slightly at the scratches. After the scratches disappear or weaken, wipe them off with a wet towel. The reason is very simple. Toothpaste itself is an abrasive that cleans teeth, and it does not hurt the human body.

Going to the sticker with the wind oil

The various certificates posted on the windshield of the car are extremely difficult to remove. Apply wind oil on the back of the sticker. After a moment of rubbing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and leave it without leaving any traces. This method is applicable to self-adhesive labels affixed to various commodities. The reason is that wind oil can dissolve the active ingredients of the adhesive. If there is no wind oil, you can replace it with toothpaste, but the effect is a little worse.

The talcum powder dissolves the door seal and stains

After the rain, the car door seal is wet and the paint surface is stuck, and the door is not smooth with "吱啦; rdquo; sound. A talcum powder can be applied to the rubber suture in the door, the symptoms can disappear, and the opening and closing is free and there is no sound.

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