Vehicles are prone to loss of electricity in winter. Power equipment is turned off in time

. In winter, the problem of difficult vehicle start-up is more common, and the loss of old vehicles is common. Maintenance personnel reminded that the battery capacity will become smaller due to the temperature. Therefore, when using the vehicle’s electrical equipment, the owner should pay attention to turn off the power and then turn off the flame.

Deficit indication: Ignition difficulties

Maintenance personnel pointed out that there are some signs that the battery is low, such as ignition difficulties, it takes several ignitions to start; the second is that the lights are obviously dimmed at idle speed. . The situation of loss of electricity is generally related to the state of the battery. If there is frequent loss of electricity, it is recommended to replace the car battery. In general, battery life is 2 to 3 years.

Scientific car to extend battery life

In addition to the normal end of life of the battery, the unscientific car will also increase battery loss. The owner should extend the battery life by developing good habits.

When parking for a long time, pay attention to starting the vehicle in time and charging the battery by driving. Since the battery capacity in winter will be less affected by the low temperature, it is recommended to drive the vehicle out for one round in the winter to allow the battery to be effectively replenished. The idle charging effect is generally poor, and it is not recommended to replenish the battery at idle speed. In addition, driving is also beneficial to the lubrication protection of the engine oil to the engine, reducing the benefits of engine carbon deposits.

Note the scientific use of electrical equipment. In order to ensure the battery power, it is recommended to turn off the power equipment first, then turn off the fire. In addition, try not to continue listening to music, lifting glass windows, etc. after the flameout. In addition, if the air conditioner is not turned off in time after the vehicle is turned off, the air conditioning system will automatically start when the vehicle is ignited again. This will directly cause the instantaneous power load of the vehicle to be too high, and the battery will be worn out over time.

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