After the holiday car guide Shenzhen Chuangfengbao for your support

                     With the end of the Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Sheep, many car owners have embarked on a journey of returning from a car. Hunan, Jiangxi and other places have been raining these days. In the face of bad weather, not only does the driver’s driving skills have higher requirements, but also the vehicle will experience different degrees of damage after experiencing muddy and slippery road sections. In the face of different lengths of self-driving mileage, which parts of the car owners should pay attention to during the post-holiday maintenance? Driving over long distances, the vehicle is overloaded and prone to problems. In the face of thousands of kilometers of driving, many car owners have said that far beyond the daily workload of the vehicle. The long driving distance will make the vehicle extremely prone to various sizes. The weather changes greatly, and the large temperature difference affects the performance of the vehicle. Facing the sudden rain and snow, it is a great challenge for the vehicle. The change in temperature difference has made the performance of all aspects of the vehicle subject to varying degrees of challenges. The road conditions are complex and the important parts of the vehicle are heavy. Self-driving tour may pass through the harsh road sections, mountain roads, ponds, etc., not only for driving, but also for important parts. 1, [short-distance line] thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the vehicle dirt car wash: reduce the rain and snow for the car paint corrosion Why wash the car? Many people will say that the car is dirty and of course washed. The professional technicians who believe in the beauty repair and beauty chain believe that the car wash and not wash, in fact, is very knowledgeable. Car washing is not because the car is dirty, but to protect the car paint. The choice of car wash fluid is also critical during the car wash process. In order to save costs, some car wash shops use washing spirits and washing powder to wash the car directly. This damage to the car paint is particularly serious. After a few times, the body will be dull and lose its original bright luster. Clear Chassis: The possibility of rusting the chassis of the muddy road is recommended. You are advised to go to a professional beauty shop to do the card treatment. The quality of the plaque has an easy way to try it out: the chassis of the anti-rust treatment is almost hanged after the high-pressure water rinsing Water drops, this kind of effect is representative of genuine care, can play a very good rust protection effect. 2, [medium long distance] focus on detecting brake system brake pads: frequent use is easy to be scratched by sand and gravel. For medium and long distance self-driving, the most wearable may be the brake pads. When driving, the sandstone is easy to splash on the brake pads, then The stone will scratch the brake pads when the brakes are applied. Tires: Cleaning the treads Adjusting the tire pressure The owner cleans the larger stones in the tires. These stones are likely to cause the drums or punctures of the tires. At the same time, the tire pressure is adjusted according to the temperature. 3, [long-distance line] pay attention to the replacement of oil and add oil: extremely easy to consume losses, affecting the condition of the engine oil, glass water, brake oil, antifreeze, etc. is particularly important and extremely easy to consume, less time to fill, Avoid affecting future driving. Air filter: Say goodbye to smog Timely cleaning Self-driving tour may pass through the harsher sections of the environment, and the air filter unit is best replaced. The air filter unit can be disassembled by itself to see if it is not too dirty and can be cleaned manually. In the reunion with our family, we have entered the happy Year of the Goat. As a self-driving home, do you appreciate the pleasure and convenience of driving? At the same time, is there a sense of pride in driving a car back home? After spending the Spring Festival, don’t neglect the maintenance of the car. Maybe there is nothing wrong with it now, but don’t take it lightly. The long-distance driving is also stressful for the vehicle. The workload of each component suddenly increases. Let the car not eat too much. If you can’t check the problem yourself, make an appointment with the dealership in advance. In short, be sure to check the car from head to toe. Maintenance is very important! For more information, please contact Shenzhen Chuangfengbao Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. No.6, Changxing North Road, Central City, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Sales Tel: 0755-3331 5800 /3331 5801

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