Open the “duang” into the car after the market, the door maintenance does not add “stunts”


For car owners, car maintenance is a rigid requirement. Many people choose to go to the 4S shop, and feel that the 4S service is relatively safe. At the same time, in recent years, there have been many problems in the maintenance and repair of 4S shops, such as: expensive, long time, spare parts, maintenance master Will also recommend some over-maintenance packages, in the car hands and feet, play tricky, manufacturing “short-term repeat customers”.

The real existence of these problems makes a large number of car owners very uncomfortable with 4S stores, but due to the monopoly supply of original accessories to 4S stores in previous years, the owners can only let them be slaughtered, unable to act, although There are repair shops to choose from, but there are also many problems.

In terms of technical strength, 4S shop has the most complete hardware facilities, clear process and complete equipment. There are still many deficiencies in the fast repair shop on the equipment compared to the 4S shop. The detection of the vehicle depends on the technician experience. Not the data read by the instrument. The price of the repair shop is a part of the discount, but the safety hazard of the vehicle has increased. In comparison, the 4S shop is too expensive to be slaughtered. It is not too reassuring to repair the store. There are problems in the left and right.

In the second half of 2014, the Ministry of Communications and the 9 ministries and commissions issued the “Guiding Opinions on Seeking to Promote the Transformation and Upgrade of the Automobile Maintenance Industry to Improve Service Quality”, clearly indicating that automobile companies should disclose vehicle maintenance technology when new vehicles are launched. Information and complete maintenance technical information for all production models by December 31, 2015. At the same time, the original parts manufacturers are encouraged to provide original parts and independent after-sales parts to the automotive aftermarket, allowing authorized companies to resell to unauthorized repair companies or end users.

The EU and the United States and other countries attach great importance to the issue of fair competition in the automobile maintenance market. It is clearly stipulated in legislation that automobile production enterprises must not monopolize maintenance parts and maintenance technology, which is worth learning from. & rdquo; Liu Xiaoming, member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Transport and Director of the Department of Transportation, said.

Once the “Guidance Opinion” is officially implemented, it will completely break the monopoly pattern, which will inevitably lead to major changes. The big market cake that has been occupied by 4S stores is afraid that it will be difficult to hide, and the war in the aftermarket will be fought. Fully ignited, wolf smoke.

A new model emerged in the war—-aftermarket O2O. After the market 020, ordered between the distress, carrying the mission of change. Among the choices of many post-market 020 projects, on-site maintenance has become the first choice for many O2O players. The above door maintenance is an actual entry point. So what can the home maintenance change? The service process standard is transparent, no need to rent a storefront, saving operating costs, convenient and fast. In this era of mobile Internet technology changing life, home-based maintenance apps such as the ridiculous nourishment of spring rain, crazy growth. In 2014, the maintenance, maintenance, and other maintenance players gathered in the market, and various marketing activities made people dazzled.

& ldquo;I Maintenance” is Tencent Lubao and China Life Insurance and Castrol launched the “free maintenance” service strategy, Tencent provides users, PICC responsible for protection, Castrol is lubricated in it. Large platform, big cooperation, looks very good, but the real situation is to buy a certain amount of insurance first, in order to be free for the whole year, the average car owner will have their own insurance, to enjoy free maintenance, first off the insurance, so that it is not only troublesome but also The cost is not low. In addition, the purchase of insurance and overall maintenance gives people a feeling of disguised payment of maintenance costs, “free of charge throughout the year”, such words, have to give him quotation marks.

Before the Spring Festival, Shenzhen’s riders circled a wave of thousands of car owners to grab “True” free maintenance boom, “open 呗” 上 ; 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上Maintenance quota, squatting in the Shenzhen Cheyou circle, the waves are not small. Throughout the service process, the overall time is 70% or 80% less than that of the 4S shop. This new experience allows the owner to enjoy completely different maintenance, and extra services such as free addition of wiper, engine compartment cleaning and so on. Received praise from the owners of the internal test. On March 6th, the new version was officially released, and the door-to-door maintenance service in Shenzhen was opened in an all-round way. The model of 99 yuan was used during the first month of the event, and the experience of the owner of the car was experienced. The owner of the new experience faced such an almost white The price to be sent, and the opening of the market is bound to be crowned by the stars.

If it is just a cheap on-site service concept, it is not enough to get the car owners’ pursuit. The most real needs of car owners are better service experience and transparent and secure service content. Then, what are the advantages of the door-to-door maintenance? “Opening”, Mr. Xu, the director of the home maintenance service team, said:

& ldquo; First of all, the accessories used for door-to-door maintenance are all big brands, and All of the well-known auto brand accessories are supplied vertically in the hands of top agents in China, which can be traced back to the source to ensure quality. During the service process, Kailu will record the entire scene to ensure the quality of service, provide 41 safety monitoring, 4 additional free services, 100% transparent, and give the owner 100% peace of mind.

Secondly, the team of technicians in Kailuan is composed of senior technicians who can play “hard 仗”, and the technical director of the German Department 4S system will lead the team every month. Training, technical guidance, technical exchange, the establishment of a professional and comprehensive training system and strict management mechanism, customer service regular return visits, warm and considerate after-sales service is also the advantage of “opening”.

Also, in terms of price, we use zero profit as the guideline for our service to the benefit of the people, and do our utmost to provide the best service to the owners. Intelligent geographical planning, in the future will achieve at least one opening service point within three kilometers, providing the fastest, most convenient, and most cost-saving services, which will be the opening of the deployment. Mr. Xu introduced that the Kailuan team has received tens of millions of RMB A round of financing, and the leading investment institution is a capital giant in the industry. On the other hand, it also points out that “opening” is why Professional and reliable, why 99 yuan can be “willful” rdquo; home maintenance. In fact, no matter how these car-raising apps come out, how can these activities be overwhelmed, as long as the service is standardized and transparent, the quality of service is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is solved, and on this basis, the price is really cheap and beneficial. Always the majority of car owners. The transformation and competition of this model will be the inevitable trend of the benign development of the entire automotive aftermarket.

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