Which tires are more cost-effective to buy online than the 4S shop is half cheaper

. The riders found that the two tires of their own car bulged a “package”, the 4S shop consulted and checked, the original car opened for many years because of the tire Serious wear and tear, combined with the internal pressure of the inner tube caused by the tire drum “Pack” rdquo;. The service technician recommends replacing the tires due to driving safety hazards. The car of the rider, the original tire is Hantai, the price of 4S shop replacement is about 1000 pieces, but the price of online viewing only needs more than 500 pieces. Is it purchased online? Or is it replaced at 4S?

4S shop: only the original tires are provided

Take the tires of Mr. Li’s car as an example, the tire size is 215/45/R16 86H. From the current channel of car owners to buy tires, 4S shop, large car beauty shop and tire store, has become the main channel for many car owners to buy. In this regard, Huaxi City (participation, pictures, inquiry) Read this reporter for this type of tires, a comparison in the purchase price.

The reporter first consulted Mr. Li’s 4S shop for car purchase. The tires provided in the store are mainly original tires. If you need to replace, the cost of a tire is about 1,000 yuan. Moreover, more than ten tests were provided free of charge, four tires were replaced for working hours, and four rounds of positioning were also provided. However, there is no service to replace tires of other brands.

Online shop: half cheaper than the brand

In the online tire products, the price of the same brand and specification tires is 554 yuan. The quality of the tire brand is better, the price is also around 1,000 yuan. “ The same specifications of the tires, I will definitely choose a better quality. & Rdquo; Mr Lee said the price gap with the 4S shop online price is too high. After buying online, find a repair shop to install, a tire installation fee is only tens of dollars. “ Why not do it? & rdquo;

Auto Parts City: only earn a certain working hours

Finally, the reporter came to an auto parts city consultation, all major businesses said that each tire Brand prices are different and quality is different. “Car owners can choose at will. In fact, for changing tires, you will earn a working hour fee, and the tires will not make money. & Rdquo; a tire business shop owner, if the original tire 4S shop to replace, at least, have a thousand dollars. “Our store has a better quality and more favorable price than this brand. In the end, based on factors such as comprehensive price and service, Mr. Li chose to purchase a non-original brand tire of the same size online, and on the second day, make an appointment to complete a installation at a repair shop.

The second purchase of tires is more value-for-money

In the interview, most car owners have reservations about changing tires to 4S stores. Xiao Wang introduced the public, there is a tire shop near his home, usually tire repair, tire change and went directly there. & Ldquo; good service, I did not need because a small fault went 4S shop. & rdquo; Wang Xiao said.

At the same time, reporters interview, 4S shop generally high prices, which is a major cause of the majority of owners prohibitive. & Ldquo; to change a tire almost twice as high a price outside, even when processing fee, it might as well go directly to more affordable car beauty supermarkets have security, incidentally, can also be maintained. ” Mr. Liao, the owner of Binjiang Middle Road, has doubts about the tire price of 4S shop. “The original matching tires can also be bought in other stores. ”

Read the book: buy tires to choose reliable business

Tires, is the only part of the car and the ground contact, the quality of the tires and the proper use of the tires directly affects themselves Driving safely, so the correct “selection of the tires” is very important.

When many car owners change tires, they will not choose to go to 4S shop, because the price of 4S shop is more expensive and the variety is single, but the tires of the auto parts city do not know where to start, in fact, buy tires and Not as complicated as you think.

First of all, to determine the tire specifications, such as the reporter’s car wheel specifications: 205/55/R16. Here, “205” refers to the tire width, “55” refers to the flatness ratio of the tire, “R” represents the meridian structure of the tire, and “16” refers to the 16-inch wheel. Never use tires that do not meet specifications.

Secondly, after determining the tire specifications, the next step is to choose the tire brand and style. Generally, as long as you have heard the big brand tires, the quality is no problem, but the price of international brands may be better than the brand of small brands. The premium is higher and the price is higher, but at the same time the technology content will be higher.

In general, tires are not likely to be comprehensive in terms of fuel economy, comfort, handling, safety, etc. While strengthening one aspect, the performance on the other hand may be lowered. Make sure you want the “direction”, and then go to the major brands’ official website to find your favorite tires according to your needs and budget.

In the purchase process, the major e-commerce mentioned above and the larger dealerships in Auto Parts City are fine, but individual unscrupulous dealers may sell retreaded tires, modified tires, and parallel tires. Wait, but with a little bit of care, these tricks are easy to see. In particular, the Chinese trademark on the tire now also provides an anti-counterfeit identification code, which can be used to determine the true and false of the tire.

Finally, make sure that the tire you are installing is not a tire that has already begun to age. If you don’t see it, look at its production date. There are four numbers on the sidewall, such as 4814, the first two. , the number of production weeks indicated, the latter two indicate the year, and the meaning of 4814 is “the tires produced in the 48th week of 2014”. Although tire manufacturers do not have strict requirements on the production date of tires, many consumers do not like to buy tires that have been produced for more than one year.

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