Before the small holiday, it is necessary to “check the body” and change the season. The maintenance is not neglected.

Qingming is not only a day to sweep the grave, but also a good time to go out for a trip. For many car owners, it is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of the ancestral graves and the self-driving tour. Good or bad is also a matter of concern to the public. On March 31, the reporter visited a number of auto repair shops in Laixi City to see that the citizens who have travel plans are busy giving the car “check-up”, and the car maintenance and repair market has entered the peak before the holiday.

Before the holiday, the car is busy ” medical examination & rdquo;

With the approach of the Qingming small holiday, the citizens who are preparing to drive the graves and travel by themselves will take care of the car and repair and maintenance of the car before the festival. Make sure you stay in good condition when you travel. On March 31, the reporter saw in a number of auto repair shops that many citizens came to repair and maintain the vehicles and prepared for the Ching Ming Festival holiday in advance.

& ldquo; Prepare to drive the car back home to sweep the grave, deliberately check it out, drive home is also safe. Mr. Sun told reporters that his car broke down on his way to Anhui last year and regretted that he did not go for maintenance and maintenance before he traveled. This year, he thought that he would give the car a car before the Ching Ming Festival. Medical examination & rdquo;.

“There are a lot more vehicles to be maintained near the Ching Ming Festival than usual. ” A staff member of an auto repair shop on Yantai Road told reporters that many citizens may have to run a lot of highways during the Ching Ming Festival. Some of the problems accumulated in the past may become a big problem in high-speed driving. necessary.

Save time in advance booking

Before the Ching Ming Festival, maintenance and repairs entered the peak period. Many auto repair shops are in hot business. In order to avoid delays in the maintenance of the public before the holiday, many auto repair shops began to make advance reservations. To save the public’s time.

& ldquo; In order to avoid delays in the owner time, the owner may wish to make an appointment before entering the store. & rdquo; Auto repair shop staff also suggested that some people who are not ready to go out, only vehicle maintenance, can stagger the peak period before the holiday, delay the maintenance of the vehicle for a few days, or enter the store before 10 o’clock in the morning Maintenance, at this time people will be relatively small, the queue time will be shorter.

& ldquo; I was on the phone to make an appointment for the car overhaul and maintenance. After I came, I went directly to the maintenance, which saved me a lot of time and was quite convenient. Mr. Zhao, who is waiting for the car to overhaul and maintain, told reporters that there is usually no habit of making appointments, and occasionally there will be waiting, especially since many people have recently checked and repaired the vehicles before the Ching Ming Festival. Less time.

Spring maintenance can not be ignored

In addition to the Ching Ming Festival holiday, the citizens are busy giving the car “physical examination”, entering the spring, due to the temperature difference, humidity changes, the public should also strengthen the car Maintenance after the season.

& rdquo; The staff of the auto repair shop told reporters that the vehicle is now inspected and maintained during the season change. Generally, a series of inspections are carried out on the impact of the previous rain, fog and snow weather to ensure the smooth travel of the Ching Ming Festival.

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