Top ten fuel consumption reasons and ten fuel-saving cheats

If you pay more attention to your own driving and car habits, it is not a problem to reduce fuel consumption to the most reasonable range. Here are some of the top 10 causes of fuel consumption and 10 tips to help you reduce fuel consumption. I believe this will help you.

1. The morning hot car time is too long or the driving distance is too short

Fuel-saving cheats: Properly hot cars do not drive as far as possible

I believe many car owners have good habits of morning hot cars. However, it is tantamount to waiting for the vehicle speed to drop to normal value or the water temperature to rise to normal, which is tantamount to being unable to get along with your wallet. Experts suggest that car owners in most parts of China can stop driving for about half a minute after starting the vehicle, and then drive normally after a distance. For some northern cities (quote picture parameters), when the winter is too cold, the hot car time can be extended appropriately. In addition, when the water temperature is too low, the computer will control the injector to spray more fuel, so if your commute is very close and the cold weather in winter is not easy to rise to normal, then your car will be It is likely to become a typical fuel consumption.

2. Tire pressure is not normal or change large tires

Fuel-saving cheats: correct tire pressure original tires

Experts say that tires will be affected by insufficient inflation Fuel consumption, when the tire pressure is too small, the contact area between the tire and the ground increases the resistance of the driving, so the vehicle naturally wastes oil. The same reason, the same displacement, model, load, etc. assume that the A car uses the original tire and the B car uses a tire with a larger tire width, then the B car will be better than the A car because of the increased driving resistance of the car. Consume more fuel. Of course, if the owner overcharges the tire pressure too much and replaces the tire with a narrow tire width, it will increase the possibility of puncture, partial tire wear and reduced driving comfort.

3. Unplanned routes, driving on crowded roads, frequent lane changes

Oil-saving cheats: Select routes as far as possible before travel

Many big cities will happen In the case of traffic jams, some experienced drivers choose the least crowded route between the starting point and the destination. For this, it is recommended that the owners of the car owners plan the driving route in advance, pay attention to the local traffic information and road conditions to avoid the congested road sections. Because reducing the start and stop of the vehicle and driving at an economical speed, this is equivalent to saving you fuel. In addition, many car owners often change lanes on the road. At this time, you not only need to accelerate, decelerate, but also have a short distance from the straight distance, so this is one of the reasons for the increase in fuel consumption.

4. Don’t give your car regularly (cleaning)

Fuel-saving cheats: Keep your body clean and tidy

Conditional friends suggest cleaning the appearance of the car regularly, regularly Car waxing is also a good way to save fuel. The biggest resistance of the vehicle during driving is from the air. If your vehicle has an accident, the body has been deformed, which may affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Even slight bumps or depressions will affect fuel consumption, and the body will have too much dirt. The snow on the winter body is also a burden on the vehicle.

5. Do not turn off or frequently fire when idling for a long time

Fuel-saving cheats: Turn off when the flame is turned off

When you encounter a long wait without moving the vehicle, It is recommended that the owner can choose to turn off the engine. We can often see taxi drivers choose to turn off the engine to the cart when they queue up. In fact, this is the best way to save fuel in the same situation.

When you are waiting for a friend and being blocked on the road, it is better to turn off the engine. Whenever the engine is started, the amount of fuel injected by the computer will be relatively high, so starting the engine frequently for a period of time will definitely increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Auto repair experts also said that the engine is frequently started, and it is a performance of “Behavior”.

6.When driving, violently refueling, frequent braking

Fuel-saving cheats: Treat the throttle ” gentle point & rdquo;

Advise everyone to see the big feet before the start in the movie The way to hit the throttle is very undesirable, after all, the parking line is not the starting line of the track. Start, refuel, shift, and save a lot of fuel after a long period of time. If it is not necessary when driving on the road, then it is best not to overtake frequently, to drive at a constant speed to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, master the distance between you and the car in front, and minimize the unnecessary braking action can also bring you fuel-saving happiness.

7. The vehicle increases the load for no reason

The fuel-saving cheats: moderate decoration to the car & ldquo; burden reduction & rdquo;

Many friends who just bought a car like to decorate like this Products and appearances are put on the car, and even more, the office and home are simply moved into the car; blindly adding a large enclosure, tail, winch, and luggage rack to the car will also increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The fuel consumption of the vehicle will increase correspondingly for each additional weight. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners of the car decorate the car within a reasonable range. The friends who have entered the over-decoration zone will give the car as soon as possible.

8.The engine oil is not filled according to the specified label

Oil-saving cheats: reasonable addition of oil

The viscosity of the oil is the main indicator of the oil, such as 15W-40 where &ldquo ;W” means winter (winter), the smaller the number in front of it, the thinner the viscosity of the oil, the better the fluidity, the lower the ambient temperature available, the better the protection of the engine during cold start; “W&rdquo The latter number is an indicator of the high temperature resistance of the oil. The larger the value, the better the protection of the oil at high temperatures. Excessive selection of higher viscosity oil will increase the resistance of the other engine components, which consumes both power and fuel consumption.

9. Low-speed high-speed or high-speed low-speed driving

Oil-saving cheats: correct and timely addition and subtraction

This situation may occur in new drivers. In many cases, the speed of the vehicle is already high and you don’t have a corresponding upshift. As the engine speed increases, the fuel consumption naturally rises. You may wish to choose the right speed and gear according to the reasonable speed of the vehicle. Shift timing. The other is that the vehicle’s speed is too low, but it still stays at a high position. The most obvious feature of this situation is that the engine and the car body have started to shake and may turn off at any time. At this time, some friends will choose to increase the throttle. And increasing the throttle means that the amount of fuel injection is rising. The best solution to this situation is to reduce the gear.

10.When the windows are fully open in summer, air conditioning is turned on when traffic jams

Oil-saving cheats: timely and moderate use of air conditioners

The number of people in the air-conditioned car will naturally be much more comfortable in summer. However, as the engine load increases, fuel consumption also increases. At this time, some car owners thought that they would open all the windows to cool down without opening the air conditioner, but the driving resistance increased when the vehicle was opened while driving, even greater than the power consumption of the air conditioner compressor, so the way to open the window at low speed is It is advisable to turn on the air conditioner even when driving at medium and high speeds. Also, when the traffic jam occurs, the fuel consumption of the vehicle will increase. If it is coupled with the air conditioner, …… so if the traffic jam is still acceptable, the owners who want to save fuel should turn off the air conditioner.

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