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                                                 “You are the wind, I am sand, lingering to the end of the world”, the song is very romantic, the reality is terrible, I really want to encounter sandstorms, I think no one will be happy. This is not the case. On April 15th, Beijing ushered in the first sandstorm in 2015. A friend of a car may have to do a car wash before going to work the next day. It is impossible to let the car run out. However, after the car has experienced the dusty weather, how to clean it is learned. Here are some experiences with the car to share with netizens.

First, the body cleaning

After the sandstorm, the car almost turned into a khaki, the car owners are most distressed is the car paint, but before the car wash, we will find the dust on the glass blocked the line of sight At this time, we must not use the wiper + spray glass water to clean! This will cause great damage to the rubber strip on the glass and the wiper!

In order to see the road, we can first Use a rag or finger to gently wipe off the floating soil. Be sure to gently! You can see the road is OK, and the rest will go to the car wash shop. If you plan to wash your car yourself, don’t use it with a rag or oil tweezers. You must have the right steps, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.

★ First, say a few wrong ways to clean the body: 1 directly wipe the floating soil on the paint surface with a rag and oil tweezers; 2 wash the car with a high-pressure water gun when it comes up; 3 wipe a piece of cloth without replacing it.

The above methods will cause serious damage to the paint surface of the car. In the near future, the paint will be black and dull. Because the above three methods are equivalent to grinding the dust particles on the paint surface!

The correct method of car washing should be to use a bucket of water on the paint surface to wash away most of the dust particles. At the same time, use a soft suede or sponge to gently sweep the dust in one direction. Then use a spray gun, cleaning agent and other tools for routine cleaning. The process is as follows:

After cleaning the car body, it is best to apply a layer of wax, or you can choose to seal the glaze (holding time is longer than waxing). The sealing glaze is good for the protection of wind and sand weather, but the essence is good. As with the principle of waxing, we do not recommend all models. This can effectively protect the paint surface, just like the way we apply oil after washing our face. If you don’t plan to wash your car yourself, go to the car wash as soon as possible after the dusty weather.
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