You have to know the daily maintenance and repair knowledge of the car

1. Do not apply oil to the tire bolt nut

In the wheel repair, a few private car owners in order to prevent the bolts and nuts on the wheels from rusting, the installation will be ingeniously Bolts and nuts are coated with lubricating oil, but this practice is not only wrong, but also brings certain hidden dangers to driving safety.

After the bolts and nuts are tightened, they are self-locking. When the lubricating oil is applied, the self-locking coefficient between the two becomes smaller and the self-locking performance is degraded. When the car is driving at a high speed, the bolts and nuts are easily loosened or even detached, thereby causing a traffic accident.

2. Do not rinse the inside of the body with water

When the summer arrives, the common private car owners wash the body with water and wipe with a rag. Here, the private car owner is reminded : It is best not to rinse directly inside the body with water.

Because the underside of the floor mat in the cab is not “一马平川”, the structural requirements are such that there are many grooves and through holes under the cab floor mat. After rinsing with water, it is either not deposited in the groove and is not easy to dry, or it flows from the through hole to the gearbox and the like to cause rust. Especially for cars with better sealing performance, it is not possible to directly flush the interior of the vehicle with water. The correct way is to wipe with a damp cloth, but avoid water.

3. Do not mix coolants of different brands

Everyone knows that when the engine coolant is insufficient, it should be added in time, but do you warm the coolant of different brands? Used together? If so, advise you to release the coolant as soon as possible and re-add the same brand of coolant.

Because the chemical properties of different brands of coolants may vary widely, such as effective preservatives for ferrous metals, they often corrode aluminum products; while preservatives for aluminum alloys are harmful to iron alloys. . Because different brands of coolants use different preservatives, they cannot be mixed.

4. Do not step on the throttle when the EFI car starts.

It is a habit of many drivers to step on the accelerator before starting the engine, especially in the winter. Time. But this method of starting is not suitable for EFI cars.

The engine with electronically controlled fuel injection device is different from the common carburetor engine. Its fuel injection control device can automatically adjust the fuel supply according to the temperature and working conditions of the engine to make the engine start smoothly. When the cold car starts, the fuel injection control device can automatically increase the fuel supply. Therefore, when the engine of the EFI car starts, it is not necessary to step on the throttle, and it is not necessary to step on it continuously before starting, otherwise the engine will be started badly.

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