Auman GTL super version 100,000 km maintenance “hard kung fu”

                                                    Recently, for the topic of “100,000 km of engine maintenance”, there has been a wave of turmoil in the industry; it is said that the maintenance of the engine is unrealistic for 100,000 km; it can be realized by changing the oil; it is said that the maintenance of 30,000 km is The most suitable; there are 100,000 km of maintenance that can damage the engine … …. Is 100,000 km maintenance feasible? It is to use hard technology and hard work. Facing the industry’s diverse opinions, Foton Daimler Auman GTL Super Edition, with its “technical hard power”, achieved an ultra-long maintenance cycle of 100,000 kilometers. First, let’s see what the oil has to do with engine maintenance. During the action of the oil, the additive is gradually consumed, and the pollutants generated by the combustion are mixed with the oil to produce sludge and deposit. For a long time, the dirt will accelerate the wear of the engine. Long-term high temperature causes serious consequences such as rust corrosion and poor heat dissipation. The metal scrap generated by the friction of each machine, the dust invaded from the air, the acid generated by the combustion, and the fuel that is not completely burned are mixed into the oil to lower the viscosity of the oil. Part of the combustion chamber is blown into the crankcase and brought in an acid anhydride or the like to deteriorate the oil. Bottom line: Engine oil deteriorates at high temperatures, and engines that lose protection can inhale impurities and cause malfunctions. How does the Auman GTL Super Edition heavy-duty truck achieve the engine maintenance of 100,000 km? The first trick of hard work: anti-degeneration! The ISG super power of the Auman GTL Super Edition utilizes the world’s first unique wet cylinder liner design, which is similar to the wet and dry combination cylinder liner, the upper water cooling, the middle rigid support, and the lower oil cooling. This unique design not only guarantees the engine. Good cooling, but also to ensure the stability of the cylinder liner, to avoid the phenomenon of the simmering oil on the sputum caused by the deformation of the engine cylinder liner, can effectively delay the oxidation of the oil and prevent pollution. Song Shifu, the owner of the Auman GTL super-powered version from Shijiazhuang, said that after six months of practice, it proved that the Cummins ISG super power is 100,000 kilometers of maintenance hard work. Wet cylinder liner design, do not worry about the high temperature deterioration of the engine oil, the previous car should be maintained once every 10,000 kilometers, as long as half a month, more than one month to go to the service station to maintain once, too much trouble, It is expensive and time consuming, and it is not cost-effective. The second trick of hard work: filter clear! Cummins ISG super power uses NanoNet™ patented nanotechnology fuel filter, oil filter, fuel filtration series products have a filtration efficiency of 98.7% for impurities above 4 microns, and the efficiency of water separation is as high as 99%. Spin-on filter and nano-material composite filter paper with filling device and additive, ISG super-power special filter combines chemical additive, transmission and filtration capabilities into one integrated system, significantly improving engine, oil and filter The performance of the system, combined with the Cummins engine’s unique ultra-high pressure injection technology, combustion chamber optimization control technology can achieve 100,000 km spacing. Harbin’s Auman GTL super-licium version owner Teng Lichang said: “Cummins ISG super power engine 100,000 km long maintenance is really not blowing, real power, lever! Every year because of the 5-6 days of downtime in the maintenance of the province, I am able to run more than 2 lives, and I know how to earn more! & rdquo; Master Teng can not help but sigh. The third trick of hard work: use long! Cummins ISG Super Power Simultaneously installed CALF long-lasting oil filter uses StrataPore™ patented fully synthetic multi-layer composite filter paper, high efficiency, high capacity gray, and can resist organic pollutants for a long time, while the oil filter is more built-in The synergistic slow-release agent provides ultra-long-lasting filtration protection for the engine, which can extend the use of oil to 100,000 kilometers. From Ruili, the transporter Wang Hongjian has been transporting fruit to the whole country. For the vehicle to travel 100,000 kilometers before the engine is maintained, Master Wang said that he is very relieved, “I ran the plateau mountain road that I have been running, but except for the brake pads and tire bolts. In addition to replacing the dashboard once, I haven’t moved anywhere else. The brothers (other brands) who bought the car with me are only running more than 70,000 kilometers. Because they keep on repairing, I have been driving. . Here and outside, I can earn a lot more than other peers.” Cummins ISG super power, using wet cylinder liner design to solve the problem of engine oil deterioration, NanoNet™ patented nanofiltration technology to solve the problem of impurity inhalation, oil slow release agent to reduce oxidation and extend the service life of oil! “Three kinds of hard work, anti-deformation, filtration, and long-term use” make the Auman GTL Super Edition achieve an ultra-long maintenance cycle of 100,000 kilometers of engine, which meets the user’s demand for efficient logistics transportation. Obtained the recognition of the user and the trust of the market.

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