Does your car burn oil? Three methods of self-test

                                                 Recently, Mr. Li found that his car oil consumption was particularly severe. He went to the 4S shop to check, and the maintenance personnel told him that the car was burning oil.

Generally, vehicles with oil-burning phenomenon will have different degrees of exhaust gas. “Blue smoke” symptoms, oil consumption is obviously increased, and oil has to be added in a short period of time. Burning oil from vehicles can lead to increased carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, economical and decent power of the vehicle, and excessive exhaust emissions.

Auto repair experts introduced three methods of self-testing whether the car burns oil, simple and effective, may wish to try.

The first method is: when the first time in the morning, the exhaust pipe has a thick blue smoke. After a while, the blue smoke disappears and may not appear again that day. This situation, but this phenomenon occurred on the second and third mornings, indicating that the vehicle has been burning oil, this phenomenon is called cool car burning oil.

The second method is: when the vehicle is driving or driving in place, the exhaust pipe discharges a large amount of blue smoke when the driver slams on the throttle. This indicates that the phenomenon of burning oil in the vehicle is already serious. The phenomenon is called accelerating the burning of oil.

The third method is: in addition to the blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, you can also see the pulsating blue smoke from the oil supply port. In this case, the engine damage is already very serious.

Once you find that the car is burning oil, go to the 4S shop for inspection and maintenance.

Poor sealing of the cylinder is the main cause of burning oil. Mainly because the matching clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall is too large, the piston ring is improperly installed or the sealing performance is deteriorated, and the oil on the cylinder wall enters the combustion chamber, causing the phenomenon of burning oil.

Auto repair experts said that the burning of the engine oil is also related to the driver’s driving habits. The car mainly develops good driving habits, and at the same time chooses good quality oil as much as possible. Older vehicles can use oil with slightly higher viscosity to increase the sealing between the piston and the cylinder wall. Check the oil scale and change the oil and oil regularly. Filter, replace the spare parts of genuine oil filter; try to choose the original engine oil, etc., can effectively avoid the phenomenon of burning oil.

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