Used car maintenance knowledge to develop good maintenance habits

used cars are different from new cars, the car conditions have certain uncertainty, for used cars not only to pay attention to buy, but also pay attention to maintenance after buying back, and more rare Knowing how to maintain the used car or the previous car owners, how to maintain the kung fu, what kind of maintenance should be used after the purchase of the used car, in order to extend the life of the car, then the editor is here to give Let me introduce you and hope to be helpful to you.

1. Change the oil. The first is the engine oil, which acts to cool and lubricate the engine components. If the owner is driving on the highway often and stops less, the general engine oil can be used for replacement. However, if the owner needs to drive in the urban area from time to time, stop and go more, if the engine wears more, then choose a higher-grade oil. At the same time, the oil compartment should be replaced to ensure that the oil passage is unobstructed and not blocked by impurities. In addition, gearbox oil, brake oil, simmering oil, water tank cooling water, water splashing glass water, etc. are required to be replaced. There is also gearbox oil that is the most overlooked. After buying a used car, you should replace the gearbox oil that meets the factory specifications. This is especially important for vehicles over 5 years old. In the case of a rear-drive car, it is necessary to replace the “tail oil” with rdquo;

2. Change the tires. Tires are like human feet, and their importance does not need to be emphasized. If you purchase a vehicle that travels more than 60,000 kilometers or has a service life of more than 5 years, or wears up to 1.6mm, that is, the tread pattern wears to the same height as the “△” mark on the shoulder print, it is recommended that you hurry The tires have been replaced.

3, change the appearance, that is, body beauty. After buying a car, it is recommended to go to the after-sales service center of the car beauty shop, oil station or agent to do a thorough de-staining or polishing, so that the car can restore the radiance and let the owner feel the driving of a new car.

4, change the taste, that is, the compartment disinfection. Deodorization and disinfection of newly purchased used car compartments cannot be ignored. Commonly, there are vacuum cleaning, deep cleaning of steam, and many services such as disinfection and cleaning and negative ion air purification. After these means, the various odors left in the compartment and the atmosphere left by the owner are eliminated.

5, change the spark plug. Platinum or Iridium metal nozzles for cars are not required to be replaced too often. Generally, it needs to be replaced after 30,000 kilometers or more. The owner can remove the fire nozzle to check whether it needs to be replaced.

6. Change the battery. After purchasing a used car, pay attention to the date of the battery or the status of the battery display. When starting the engine, if you find that the sound is weak or the light is dim, it is a precursor to the battery being exhausted and should be replaced as soon as possible.

After some careful replacement, beauty, disinfection and deodorization, I believe that your second-hand car is completely new and powerful, so you can enjoy the convenience and happiness it brings to you.

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