Don’t wait for the tire to change tires. The number of tires is related to tire aging.

The ratio of tires to various traffic accidents is really high. Aging tires must be inspected and replaced in time.

The main material of the tire is rubber, and the rubber product has a certain service life. According to the official statement of the tire manufacturer, the life of the tire should be 2 years or 6 to 80,000. The range of kilometers. Of course, in the actual use process, according to this regulation, the cost of our car can be too high. Therefore, in general, professionals suggest that if the use of the car is not frequent, and the car environment is not bad, the normal use of tires for four years is not a problem, but remember that the tires must be replaced after four years of use. However, Chinese consumers are accustomed to using tires to “smoothing” to stop, and there is no habit of regularly changing tires regularly.

Therefore, in order to avoid the accident caused by tire aging, it is recommended that the owner still need to check the tires of the car, and the date of the tire production should be clear, so that the bottom of the heart. Tire alignment is necessary for optimum tire wear. Refer to the instruction manual provided by the car manufacturer for tire transposition. The industry has proposed that the tires should be adjusted once every 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers. Even if the driving is less than 8000 kilometers, if the tires have irregular wear, they should be adjusted. At the same time, the wheel alignment should be checked in time to find out the causes of irregular tire wear. .

Tires need to be checked frequently, especially the long-term driving conditions of the owners are relatively bad. This work is very important and cannot be ignored. After all, poor road conditions have a serious impact on the life of the tires. When you find that the tires are getting harder, aging and cracking, etc., you should not hesitate to change the tires, especially if there are protrusions like bubbles, it means that the structural layer has been broken and can not withstand the tire pressure. And bubbling, there are cases of punctures at any time.

In addition to the puncture accident caused by tire aging, incorrect tire pressure is also an important cause of puncture. Therefore, the owner should also develop a good habit of checking the tire pressure by himself. In addition, it is recommended that the owner should have a simple tire pressure gauge to test the tire pressure of every tire every one month, so that the owner can have a bottom in his heart. . The last thing I have to mention is that the attention and maintenance of the spare tires will not be able to cope with the unexpected situation, which will only add to the weight.

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