Spring car warming and anti-bacteria is the key to anti-corrosion of paint.

With the arrival of the rainy season in spring, the moisture-proof and anti-bacterial has become the focus of the car. “Following”, many car owners also prefer to maintain their car in the spring. In the spring, how to maintain the car, specific maintenance of which key details, with these issues, the reporter recently interviewed the relevant car beauty shop and 4S professional repair shop related professionals to provide practical service information for the car owner spring car.

Moisture-proof and anti-bacterial is the focus

Due to the humid climate in spring, bacteria and viruses are easy to breed. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the disinfection and anti-bacteria work in the car to keep the car dry and hygienic. When the owner delivers the car to the relevant car maintenance store for care, pay attention to some situations inside the car body. Relevant professionals told reporters that in addition to the visible bacteria in the gap of the car leather pad, we should pay more attention to some sanitary corners, including air outlets, air filter elements, etc., due to the wet and rainy in the south, the air conditioning tube inside the car The road is more prone to bacteria, and if it is not cleaned up in time, it poses a great threat to the health of the people inside the car.

The related 4S shop car maintenance staff told reporters that in addition to cleaning the car air conditioner in time, there are some mildew tips that can be done normally. That is, when it is in the rainy weather, you can drive the fan of the car air conditioner to the maximum after the vehicle stops and stops, and maintain it for about 3~5 minutes. This will effectively blow out the moisture in the air conditioning duct. However, this little trick can only try to delay the growth of mold. If you want to thoroughly clean the air conditioning pipeline, it is best to go to a professional storefront, replace the new air conditioning filter or use some special air conditioning cleaner to flush the air conditioning pipeline.

Paint surface anti-corrosion is also important

In addition to moisture protection in spring, the exterior of the body should also be protected against “acid”. With the increase of acid rain in cities (matching, pictures, inquiry), this season should pay more attention to the protection of paint surface, and the paint is exposed in the air, it is very susceptible to spring acid rain erosion, so it is necessary to wax and seal the car more. Or coating, so that the paint surface is more protective.

Related professionals told reporters that although car wax can brighten the car body, the acid-proof function is not durable. If conditions permit, it is best to make a glaze or coating for the car. Anti-acid and dust-proof, lasting for 2 to 3 months, these can keep the paint lasting and protect the paint from wind and sand.

After paying attention to the car paint, it is also important to check the rest of the vehicle. Due to the rainy days in the south, it is necessary to check whether there is any problem with the wiper. If there is aging, it should be replaced in time. It is also necessary to check whether the headlights of the car are seeping water and forming fog. These may pose a safety threat to the downwind in the south. In addition, in addition to entering the headlights, moisture can easily enter the brake system. Regularly check the brake fluid to prevent the boiling point from lowering after the brake fluid enters the water, and the brake circuit generates air resistance, resulting in brake failure.

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