Four points of precautions for rainy car maintenance Check the circuit for leakage prevention

Now it has entered the summer rainy season. The body is full of mud and scale, and there are often some strange smells in the car. Sometimes the car will have some minor problems, which makes the owner very troubled. Therefore, the wet weather is especially important to pay for the car, the following four points should be noted:

Protective paint

The paint surface of the car body is originally protective for the car shell, and the acidic components in the rain It has a corrosive effect on the paint surface, and it will cause damage to the car body over time. Therefore, in the rainy season, it is best to give the car a paint maintenance.

Chassis Maintenance

In addition to the paint surface, the chassis is particularly prone to rust because it is close to the ground, so be sure to pay attention to the cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the chassis. Chassis maintenance is generally done by a professional car repair center. The general procedure is to clean first and then rust-proof.

Checking the circuit

If you check the battery, check if the power is sufficient. On rainy days, the owner sometimes encounters problems that the engine is not easy to start. Sometimes, even if it is barely activated, it is weak. The biggest possibility of this kind of fault is the leakage of electricity from the ignition system. The most important thing is to check the high voltage line.

Air conditioning dehumidification

Outside the rainy weather, the car is naturally damp. In addition to opening the door to let the car sunbathe when the weather is fine, it is also an excellent method to prevent moisture from opening the air or drying the desiccant.

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