The first phase of the excellent car class: What should I do if the car tires are tied with a nail?

Regardless of whether you are a new driver or a master, there are always various unexpected situations during driving. What should I do if I encounter a situation? How to save more money and save the car? UCAR Eslite used car specially launched for the new and old drivers “Ultra car classroom series”, each period to update a car knowledge, to help everyone happy to use the car, do not panic to find a good car! The first phase of the excellent car class: What should I do if the car tires are tied with a nail? Tire nailing is not difficult to solve, but the most fear is to entangle the end or pull out! If the air leaks after the nail is good (in fact, it is not easy to leak, the air leak is also very slow and not easy to find), if it does not leak, is it pulled or not? Will it be a puncture? Is the nail tied for waiting for rescue or boldly driving to the repair shop? Where are the security risks? Let Xiaoyou give you an analysis of the situation. Case 1: The nails that are not leaking after the nails are not leaking. When driving, the car is found to have abnormal noise, especially the abnormal noise below. It is recommended to stop the car immediately. If you really have nails, you can pour water up (of course, soapy water is the best. If you don’t have soapy water, use some other water that can produce foam, for example, facial cleanser … …) If there are bubbles, Congratulations, the car is leaking! If there are no air bubbles, it may be shallow or not tied. At this time, be careful not to pull out! Then you can go home at a slow speed ” slip & rdquo; don’t go on high speed! High-speed driving will produce thermal friction. When the chance of puncture is greatly increased, it is regrettable to tell the puncture. It is very dangerous to tell the puncture. After the puncture, please let Xiao Xiaoyou share it next time. Situation 2: After the nail is nailed, the tire leaks quickly and there is a sound. If the tire is leaking seriously, then hurry! Find a place to park quickly. Because the tires without gas increase friction during driving and lose balance, it is easy to cause serious damage. At this time, you can only choose to hurry and call the rescue call. If the air leak is slow, it is recommended to use tire foam. The principle of the spare car tire filling fluid in UCAR Eslite Car Washing Room is as follows: the pressure of the compressed gas tank is used to inject the liquid into the tire while inflating the tire, and the foam is attached to the inner wall of the tire to form a sealing film. It can slow down the leakage of air and then pass through the tire to evenly cover the inner side of the tire under the action of centrifugal force, and form a sealing film on the inner surface of the tire to play the role of tire repair. Finally, once again, the tires are tied, don’t just pull the nails! Did not leak into the repair shop slowly, leaking the first time to change the spare tire, if there is no spare tire, you must stop waiting for rescue! During the waiting period, you may wish to pay attention to the excellent car WeChat public number, and look at the car knowledge shared by the excellent car class! Excellent car class, sharing safety and happiness.

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