Novice must know the car repair and maintenance seven points of knowledge

1, regular maintenance do not have to change to 4s shop maintenance and save money and tactics indeed a lot, the stationmaster of a repair station told reporters, the routine maintenance in fact, the owner will save money The place. Usually, when the owner performs routine maintenance, the four filters will be replaced. In fact, in addition to the oil filter and oil, the oil filter and oil must be replaced according to the mileage (participation, picture, inquiry). , such as air filter, gasoline filter, air conditioning filter, etc. do not have to change every time, the owner can replace it according to their driving conditions, once or twice. Of course, the premise is that the staff at the repair station needs to check to make sure the parts are not damaged. In addition: although the time for routine maintenance is based on mileage, it can sometimes be extended. For example, your car is generally driven in a better road condition in the urban area. The original 5,000 km maintenance can be extended to 6000 km for maintenance. 2, it is recommended to pay more attention when replacing parts. Some repair stations in pursuit of profit, it is recommended that the owner replace some unnecessary replacement parts, increase the burden on the owner. In this regard, the master of a repair station told reporters that some parts can be repaired as much as possible, and can not be repaired when replaced, such as front and rear bumpers, doors; covers, etc., if the collision bending deformation is not serious, the cost of repair is far Far less than the cost of the exchange. The owners have reflected that there are a lot of replacements in the 4s store. For this reason, the stationmaster of a repair station is very helpless. On the one hand, because the technical level of the car is getting higher and higher, especially the maintenance of electronic components is difficult to guarantee. The quality of the repair; the other two, at present, manufacturers rarely provide equipment or technology for repairing parts, so many times they can only be replaced. 3, the price to shop around In many consumer impressions, the same brand 4S shop repair station and special service station parts prices and working hours should be the same, in fact, it is not. The more commonly used accessories, the more consistent the price of the whole store, because the common accessories specified by the manufacturer are the same in different 4S stores of the same brand, but some “cold” accessories, because the frequency of replacement is not high, the price of each store is still There are differences, and sometimes there will be a lot of difference. Different repair stations have different credits and time; the price of cold accessories is different, so when replacing, the owner may wish to make a few more calls. If you compare and replace them, you will save a lot of money. 4, make full use of free testing services In order to establish their own brand image and attract more consumers, nowadays domestic major auto manufacturers hold various free inspection activities of various names every year. In the free testing activities, some maintenance personnel will take the opportunity to induce the owner to carry out some unnecessary maintenance and repair, so as to achieve profitability. However, as long as the owner of the car has a mind, such as consulting at a different repair station, or asking a friend who knows how to do it, he will not spend money. However, the reporter believes that during the free testing period, if the owner can take time, try to go, so that the owner can better understand the situation and solve some hidden problems in time. 5, the usual driving less bumps for many novices; in addition to normal maintenance, maintenance costs are big, the reporter learned from a number of brand repair stations; car owners come to the store a considerable part of the vehicle is to do sheet metal and spray paint, only this The expenses are relatively large, because hundreds of oceans are required to spray paint on the car. For these car owners, the first thing is to find a good insurance company, buy a car damage insurance for their car, reduce their own losses; in addition, you must only be careful when driving, avoid bumps. 6, nothing to do not advance the maintenance station “ Some owners are too cherished for the car, such as the maintenance period is 5000 kilometers; but he only ran 3000 or 4000 kilometers to change the engine oil, three filters. & rdquo; Henan Xulong after-sales service station director Wang said that the owner does not have to do so, just follow the manufacturer’s prescribed maintenance mileage normal maintenance, premature maintenance and replacement is a waste. There are also some car owners who are too nervous about the car. When the car has a small problem, they will go to the repair shop. Wu, a master of a repair shop, thinks that many cars carry some problems that are normal. It is irrelevant. The owner is like this. Too nervous will make the car without problems get rid of the problem and spend some money. 7, do not have to keep an eye on the 4S repair station during the vehicle warranty period, you must do maintenance in the 4s shop, if the warranty period is not maintained at the manufacturer’s designated location, if the vehicle has problems, it is not within the scope of the manufacturer’s claim, then it may The loss is big. Mr. Sun, the owner of the car, said that after the car had passed the warranty period, he changed his familiar repair shop to deal with some minor problems. Not only the materials were cheap, but also the working hours were cheap. The same maintenance project can save at least half of the cost. Similarly, Mr. Wu, who is more expert about cars, is also a small problem that saves money. He usually solves his own problems. He does maintenance to go to the Auto Parts City to buy materials, and then find a master to repair the car. However, he will choose to go to a regular repair shop if he encounters a big fault.

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