The body paint surface is not bright enough? Xiaobian hands to teach you

The body paint surface is not bright enough? Xiaobian to teach you the coating protective paint. Today, Xiaobian introduces the protective method of the body paint surface —— coating, six steps to teach you the coating protective paint for your reference. The most intuitive part of the car is the body surface, and the first thing people see is the surface of the car body. In addition, it is also the surface of the car that is easily damaged by friction. Many car owners complain that when the car is opened for a long time, the paint surface will gradually become darker and darker. In severe cases, the car paint will crack or even fall off. How to maintain the car and protect the car paint? For everyone to introduce how to protect the car paint? For your reference. Body paint protection & mdash; — coating In fact, the most simple way to protect paint is coating, the coating has six steps, as follows: The first step, the car body surface is clean. The second step, the polishing machine is shallow. The pressure at which the grinding starts is determined by the strength of the paint and the thickness of the paint. The third step is to remove the glare from the polishing machine. That is to use a low-speed polishing machine, with a wave sponge and abrasive to remove glare, then wipe with a towel. The fourth step is to seal the glaze. That is, the glaze is pressed by vibration with a polishing machine, so that the glaze can penetrate into the vehicle body better and enhance the firmness. It should be noted that the next step can be carried out after 15 minutes of sealing the glaze. The fifth step is to spray the gun. Add the professional coated polymer to the spray gun, and then spray the body part evenly. Also, note that the mirror and wiper blade need to be wrapped with a towel or tape. The sixth step is to clean. That is, after the film is completely penetrated into the paint surface, use a professional wipe to clean the unwanted ones. The above is the step of car coating. As long as your car is perfectly coated, you no longer have to worry about the darkening of the car paint. In addition, the average cost of automotive coatings only needs 2 to 3 yuan, and the warranty period of the coating can reach 2 years or more. The owners of the car, you may wish to consider.

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