Summer driving, travel safety can not be ignored

                                                In the hot summer, the sun father-in-law has no peace of mind, and every day is not exciting! But this can be a bit of a problem for the owners! All kinds of problems will appear! So how do you deal with the problem with the car in summer? Today we come Let’s talk about how to avoid the problem of summer car! 1. Stop and avoid the direct sunlight. The temperature outside the summer is high. When the sun comes in directly, the temperature inside the car will be higher! When you open the door, a heat wave strikes, don’t mention how uncomfortable it is. . There are also many friends who have proposed solutions like the shaking door. But when the car is exposed to the sun, the damage has already begun to occur. There are many plastic and rubber products in the vehicle, which are exposed to the sun for a long time. It is very easy to cause aging and affect the service life! The tires are also the same! More importantly, the various electronic components in the car are also very afraid of the sun. Therefore, don’t let the sun shine all the time! 2. Pay attention to the tire pressure of the car. Summer is the high incidence of the puncture event. When the temperature rises, the tires become weak! It is not as strong as in winter! So you should check the tire pressure at this time! So how much summer tire pressure should be appropriate? In fact, in general, the front tire 2.2-2.3, the rear tire 2.3-2.4 can be! Too much too little will cause a puncture! Be sure to pay attention! 3, on the car first open the car window when driving on the air conditioning must be particularly uncomfortable, this everyone knows, but even so, don’t worry Turn on the air conditioner, first open the window to change the air, let the hot air dissipate in the air conditioner, the effect is not only good, but the air is also better! For the body, the car is good! 4, explosive items do not mess some The rider may be a smoker, and he usually does not like to use the igniter on the car! So always have a lighter. When summer arrives, the lighter can never be put on the car. It is very easy to explode under high temperature conditions. There will be many consequences of the explosion. The most serious ones may lead to the natural situation of the car! So everyone must be careful! The temperature is not too low Generally speaking, the temperature of the air conditioner is up to 6 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature! In recent years, many new diseases have become popular, just like “air conditioning disease”. The human body is actually unable to withstand the particularly large temperature difference! The endocrine system is not adjusted! Besides, the air conditioner will affect the power of the car when it is opened! The driving experience is affected! 6. If the fuel tank is not empty, the space will be As a result, the air resistance in the mailbox increases, and the increase in air resistance causes the vehicle to stall. This is one of the reasons why many riders reflect that the car will turn off in the summer! The suggestion is: if the oil meter is less than one-third, add some oil, but don’t fill it up. It is best to keep the vehicle’s oil level at around two-thirds. It is also important to note that if you turn off the fire during driving, you should check the fuel tank and open the fuel tank to dissipate heat. After half an hour, start the vehicle!

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