No. 1 specialization: maintenance, why are we most recommended?

                With the continuous expansion of the automotive aftermarket, major Internet companies have also launched attacks on this field. The vertical O2O service in the automotive field has become a place for entrepreneurs to compete. How do consumers choose a lot of car care apps? And the dazzling promotion means that consumers can enjoy real benefits? Is it safe to go to the door? Mobile change life is no longer a slogan today, but it is really closely related to our lives. The door-to-door service of the automobile after-sales market allows the owner to experience what it is called to be convenient to raise a car. It does not leave the house, saves money and saves time. It looks quite professional, tall, stylish, and adequate. In place, but can the home maintenance give us peace of mind? In fact, it is not entirely. According to the professional auto repair technician, although it is convenient to go to the door, due to the restrictions on the working environment and the carrying of tools and equipment, many of the prescribed items can’t be done, and the hidden dangers cannot be discovered in time. In the event that the problem is unclear, it is more troublesome. . The service to the store is really reliable. In terms of maintenance, the so-called maintenance refers to a method of repairing the vulnerable and aging parts of the vehicle after the car has traveled for a certain mileage or after using it for a certain period of time. This includes replacement, inspection and maintenance. Simply put, maintenance is not a simple change of oil, the filter is finished, it also contains a systematic, all-round inspection, especially for the regular inspection of the chassis, some chassis critical parts must be fully lifted, must use professional The lift equipment can be satisfied. Relatively speaking, only the store service can enjoy more professional venue and equipment inspection, and it is safe and worry-free to eliminate hidden dangers. What kind of store is the best choice? Then 4S shop, brand specialty store, chain fast repair shop and a variety of street fast repair shops, in the end what kind of store is the best choice for car owners? Now the car maintenance 4S shop is too expensive, the roadside shop is afraid of quality problems. In contrast, brand-name stores and chain fast-repair shops are more popular with car owners. Generally speaking, high-end brand specialty shops are commonly known as 4S shops that do not sell new cars. The scale of the store is large, and they are deeply cultivated in the maintenance and repair of a certain brand or several specific brands of vehicles. Professional technicians are effectively held through the official technical assessment. Specialized in the employment certificate, the same quality assurance price comparison price 4S shop to offer more than 30%. Because it has the same perfect function service and after-sales warranty service process as 4S shop, the technical specifications are strict, and the high-end specialization is favored by the majority of car owners. Quick Repair Chain is a comprehensive car service organization that integrates car wash beauty, quick repair and fast protection. It is generally located around the living area and provides convenient multi-brand beauty care services. These shops tend to be technically comprehensive when recruiting trainers. Type, the main attack general-purpose car principle, fault repair, beauty maintenance, etc., is a convenient place to solve the daily non-deep maintenance maintenance of the vehicle. Why is the number one special more recommended? No. 1 specialization is the first O2O platform based on offline quality car specialization service in the country. It provides standardized and transparent services for car owners through strict store access standards and joint offline quality merchants. Let the maintenance, the price is lower, the service is better, and in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owner, the platform introduces a third-party quality guarantee and a thoughtful pre-payment policy. The platform will also be on-line to call the butler to pick up the car, providing a full-tube managed car-raising experience. Link people, raise a car, understand the car, understand you, understand life.

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