Mocha i car Zhang Wei: “Repurchase rate” is the key indicator of success or failure

                                                On July 2nd, the business of the Internet + Auto Aftermarket, hosted by the World O2O Organization and the Optical Joint Venture, was held again in Beijing. This salon has attracted many outstanding O2O industry leaders such as Mocha i car, Centennial Aibei, e car wash, Bao car rental car, China good parking, Boao car maintenance, etc., in the way of “cooking wine on the hero” The theme of the automotive aftermarket, comprehensive analysis of the O2O gameplay and future development trends in the automotive aftermarket, and a gathering of collaborative sharing as a starting point to talk about all kinds of dry goods in the Internet + automotive aftermarket. Advocating “light maintenance and maintenance i service” concept, integration “Internet + car maintenance”, the founder of Mocha i car, which can solve 80% of daily car maintenance needs for Chinese car owners, as the first guest speaker of the salon, published The keynote speech “”Internet +” Make Cars More Convenient” shows the profound changes in the Internet after the Mocha i car, and how the Mocha i car uses the Internet to detonate “after the car era” ; Business opportunities come from demand. Zhang Wei tells the four major pain points of the owner of the Mocha i car: First, the 4S shop is a bit expensive, and everyone here has this feeling if driving. Second, the roadside shop is cheap, but sometimes it is not at ease. Third, many stores are all added, and the service is not transparent. Fourth, the long-term repair and maintenance of the long queue, it is a long time. Based on these four pain points and the Internet + trend, the Mocha i car came into being, completely subverting the Internet thinking of rebuilding the car and maintenance industry, and inspiring the guests. So what is the change in the “Internet + car” that Mocha i cars admire? Supply and demand matching is more efficient First, the service radius is wider. The traditional business of the car store is generally 3-5 kilometers, the maximum is no more than 10 kilometers, and the Mocha i car makes the service radius have no boundaries, as long as the service technician can drive to the place where it can be served; the second service time is more flexible. Users can more easily use the fragmentation time to call the service technicians on-site service at any time. They don’t have to wait for the weekend to queue up for maintenance. Third, change the user’s booking habits and optimize the inventory efficiency. All on-site service orders are reserved through the Internet, so that Mocha i cars can determine the customer’s needs and services in advance, prepare parts logistics in advance, and reduce the storage pressure of parts, thus improving service efficiency and quality. Changing the cost structure Traditional 4S shops must rely on selling cars to bring insurance and repair service orders. Nowadays, cars are not easy to sell, and even if there is a large amount of inventory that leads to a broken chain of funds, how to turn around? The Mocha i car is the opposite, using the active door-to-door service instead of the expensive store rent, and the vehicle inventory cost is saved, which will give the consumer and the service technician 30-30% of the benefits, while the consumer enjoys the door-to-door service at a low price. Improve the income and treatment of the master and the sense of identity in the profession, thus thoroughly purifying the past cost structure of the industry. The user experience is more transparent. In the past, the process of repairing and repairing the car was carried out. After the user will give the car to the master with a dubious doubt, the repair process will be completely invisible and intangible. The last list can only be removed. Paying money, this kind of information asymmetry directly leads to the unwillingness of the dealers to “black-box operation”, which also leads to consumers’ growing distrust of the dealers. The Mocha i car optimizes the cost and improves the efficiency, so that the user experience can be more transparent. Its advantage is that it can know the price of this maintenance or repair when making an appointment. In addition, the price of the accessory can refer to the price of the mainstream e-commerce platform, increase the transparency and credibility, and prevent the malicious consumption guidance; secondly, the master service mode Completely changed, in the process of repairing and maintaining the car, the master needs to patiently explain the service process, let the user know the usefulness of each penny and fully respect the recognized master, enhance the professional pride of the master, so that both sides are respected and trusted. Masters are more willing to provide better services. Zhang Wei also revealed that when the Mocha i car was only established for three months, it won the investment of Fosun Kunzhong Zhongyuan Angel and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. In April this year, it opened its first station in Shanghai and put it into trial. It has reached in-depth cooperation with Sinopec and has reached the site in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin and Foshan in two months. At the same time, Zhang Wei also stressed that “repurchase rate” is a key indicator of whether O2O can raise a car on the door, and the ratio of the second order of the Mocha i car within one month is “repurchase rate” has reached 30% and is on the rise. When Zhang Wei was asked if the appearance of the Mocha i car was the first death wanted in the traditional auto industry, he replied cleverly: “I hope to wear professional uniforms, portable German festool, wurth and other worlds soon. Technicians with top equipment tools can come to your door and win your praise! ”

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