After the rain, the car maintenance has to do 4 major hidden dangers have to guard against

. Rainy days are a test for the car, and it is also the most likely to cause car breakdown, so the car maintenance should pay more attention after the rain, 4 hidden dangers can not help, come up posture! Hidden danger one: Beware of “skin disease” after the rain & rdquo; “Do not wash the car, I will wait for the rain”. It is a pity that it is not a free car wash. On the contrary, it should be washed after the rain. Because the rain contains more acidic substances, it will corrode the outer film of the paint. At the same time, the rain will also contain some dust that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Participation, pictures, inquiry) A large amount of oxides are derived after irradiation. Therefore, it is best to make a paint finish on the car after the rain. The simple and effective method is to wax, but to achieve a lasting protection effect, it can also be sealed. Hidden danger two: Beware of the engine “deficiency” “engine is called the car’s “heart”, the most important and most problematic. After the rain, the car engine is weak and difficult to start. It may be because the ignition system is aging due to the tide. Once it is found that the ignition system is wet and the ignition is poor and the engine performance is degraded, you can temporarily use the dry paper towel or dry cloth to separate the inside and outside of the distribution board and the wires. If it is because of aging leakage, it must be replaced in time. Hidden danger three: careful headlights “cataract” rd rainy day driving is easy to cause the headlights to enter the water, not only the brightness is affected, but also the direction of the headlights changes, which brings hidden dangers to driving safety. If there is water mist in the lamp after the rain, you can turn on the headlights and the high beam at the same time. After one hour, observe whether the water mist in the lamp disappears. If it disappears, the lamp holder is not tightly sealed and leaks; if the water is not scattered It is possible that there is a problem in the bonding of the large lampshade. It is necessary to clean the joint of the lampshade, glue it after drying, or choose to repair it at a professional repair shop. Hidden danger four: ventilation and purification in addition to “disease source” After the rainy days, the car inside the tone will often have a musty smell, this situation can be adjusted to the maximum warm air, open for about 20 minutes, so that the car’s moisture quickly evaporate; Or open the door and trunk in the sun, thoroughly ventilate and drain. It is best not to cover up the musty smell with perfume, because some musty is caused by perfume, such as the acidic lemon-flavored perfume, which is more susceptible to mildew and odor after it is emitted.

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