The maintenance industry does not want to let you know the 10 secrets, don’t say go out

. As the saying goes, it is better to buy the finer than to sell, so is the car. Nowadays, the competition between the auto industry is fierce. Even if it is the same brand, the store and the store are also rushing to grab customers. This has changed the profitability of a certain store to a certain extent. Profit from various services after selling a car. Today we will talk to you about 10 things that the maintenance industry doesn’t want you to know. 1. Where can the big discounts come from? Many shops in the market are going to make big sales, and there are thousands of discounts and tens of thousands of discounts. However, many discounts are conditional, such as adding accessories. Many car owners have bought a discount car and feel how much they are cheap. Its realization nowadays, selling cars is not the main source of profit for a certain store. The later maintenance and bundling sales are the main heads, but the cars can’t be sold, then who is still going to maintain, and making money, the cheap accessories in the warehouse are not. Bundled sales can be sold at a high price, so the price of the car must be cheap. 2. In the store, the manufacturers have long understood the psychology of consumers. When launching new models, many models will be built according to different configurations to attract consumers. Many owners are easy to hook, what is cheap and configured? High, cost-effective lever drop, go to the store to ask, there is no car in the store, I want to mention the car, plus money. Even if there is a car in the store, it will not be so easy for you to pick up the drops. Adding accessories is a common occurrence (the pile of accessories in the warehouse is not for you, but who is left for sale). What’s more, privately added to the low-end car to install the configuration when the high-end car to sell, also called the name “special edition”, this news is not exposed. 3, stealing the distance table When picking up the car, the owners love to look at the odometer, see the mileage is very small, the psychology is comfortable. Tell you, in fact, the production date of the vehicle is the most accurate, the mileage is floating clouds, and the car you bought has not been used as a test drive. You don’t know how many kilometers you ran. 4, the new car has a taste when buying a car, the car owners are in love with the car smells, look at the taste is not heavy, when the sales staff is asked about this, they often cover up or avoid talking, and some even It is normal to say that the taste is normal. Although some stores may indicate that there is a deodorization business, it is often treated with some perfumes, activated carbon and other products. The new car smell contains a lot of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde and benzene. Shop staff often don’t admit that there is a problem with the car they are selling. Isn’t this a slap in the face? 5, the first few maintenance for the free of charge many stores are loved to give a few free maintenance, mainly to give owners the opportunity to experience the quality of after-sales service in the store, develop consumption habits, build trust with each other, make money for future fights basis. 6. Reduce the maintenance mileage. Remember the words you like when you pick up the car. “Remember to run 5,000 kilometers for maintenance (some stores even 3500 kilometers for maintenance)”. When you ask the maintenance manual not to write 10,000 kilometers, they will tell you that domestic oil is not good, the air is not good, domestic cars are not the same as imported cars, and a lot of rhetoric is waiting for you. The clerk will not tell you to take the maintenance manual as the standard. The maintenance is too frequent, although there is no harm, but there is no need to always take care. If the clerk asks to shorten the maintenance cycle, most of them do not care, they just want to make money by increasing the number of maintenance, you do not come to the maintenance shop to make money. 7. Where are the remaining oils? Every time the maintenance uses the remaining oil, the customer can take it away because you paid a bottle of money. But the average car owner does not know. In fact, the remaining oil was collected by the store and sold to the oil dealers at a high price. Other blackheart stores even collected and sold the old engine oil that the owner replaced. 8, the accessories are not necessarily the original factory When the car needs to change accessories, the clerk will say that their accessories are provided by the original factory, the outside can not buy, can guarantee the quality. Other stores even say that if a car owner buys accessories from outside, a store will not be responsible for its maintenance. In fact, some unscrupulous JS bought the accessory parts from the Auto Trade City, and when the original parts were sold at high prices, many owners did not know about it. 9. When the car is repaired, the car will be faulty. The maintenance personnel will often tell you that the accessory is broken and needs to be replaced. In fact, most of the time, the clerk tells you about the replacement, but it is often repaired and charged. The price of the accessory, in this case, must look at the old pieces that have been replaced, which will reduce the chance of this happening. 10, spray paint Driving is inevitable 剐蹭 (including many old drivers), you have to paint when you smash, the clerk will often tell you that they use the original imported paint, the processing technology is first-class. If you don’t, you will scare the owner and say that if there is a problem with painting outside, the store is completely irresponsible. In fact, the paint in the store is often also the domestic paint of the external adjustment, the price is also very cheap.

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