Zhongchi Chefu builds the industry’s public supply chain service platform

How does the auto aftermarket break the monopoly of repair parts channels? Zhongchi Chefu, the first e-commerce brand in China’s auto aftermarket, is fully assisting relevant ministries and agencies to take a new step. The quality standard of homogenous parts is released within one year. Zhongchi Chefu cooperates to build a supply chain system As an important part of breaking the monopoly of auto parts, the relevant departments are accelerating the construction of homogenous parts circulation and standard system. Recently, a seminar on the circulation and standard system for homogeneous parts of the automotive aftermarket was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association conveyed positive information on the steady development of homogeneous parts: on the one hand, the development of the quality standards for parts in the Chinese automotive aftermarket industry went smoothly, and it was obtained by the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Standards Committee, and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. With the support of many departments and the specific implementation of the work, 54 working groups have been set up to speed up the formulation of standards, which is expected to be completed within one year. On the other hand, after the pilot of homogenous accessories in Tianjin, Beijing and other places will also be large. The scale of the homogenous accessories pilot. “Homogeneous accessories will soon become the main channel for Chinese auto parts. ” Wei Tongwei, Secretary General of the Auto Parts Industry Committee of the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, said. The government leaders, associations and many component manufacturers attending the meeting discussed the “family accessories” strategy in the country. All parties agreed that the construction and improvement of the supply chain system is the top priority. Wang Fengling, deputy secretary general of China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, and Wei Tongwei, secretary general of China Auto Maintenance Industry Association Auto Parts Working Committee, all have high hopes for Zhongchi Chefu. Wei Tongwei pointed out that e-commerce platform “short-chain high efficiency”, plus future homogenous accessories The maturity of the unified code, to achieve full traceability, will provide consumers with a transparent and safe consumer environment. Dr. Zhang Houqi, deputy director of the Auto Parts Working Committee of China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association and Chairman of Zhongchi Chefu, said that since 2010, Zhongchi Chefu has been committed to building an industry public supply chain service platform for the Chinese automotive aftermarket. The relevant resource capabilities have been basically complete. “The quality standard of homogenous parts is expected to be completed in one year. At that time, the supplier system of Zhongchi Chefu will also be fully in place. We will work together with the association to build the first batch of homogeneous parts system. ” Zhang Houqi said. Zhongchi Chefu relies on the vertical e-commerce platform to lead the construction of “homogeneous accessories”, and the circulation and standard system will reshape the automotive aftermarket supply chain. In the traditional mode, the OEM only supplies parts and maintenance technology to authorized organizations such as 4S shops and special repair shops, resulting in “the original parts”, which are expensive; in the independent after-sales market, there are too many circulations in the auto parts market. The average can reach 3-5 middlemen links, artificially pushing up the cost of products, and giving a large number of counterfeit and shoddy products. And the establishment of “homogeneous accessories” circulation and standard system, the parts manufacturer’s products in the direct through the car platform, reduce the intermediate links, but also a greater guarantee on quality and standards, so that the auto repair institutions Can provide more high-quality, cost-effective accessories and services for the majority of car owners. Multi-pronged approach Zhongchi Chefu lays the first brand of auto distributors In the eyes of the industry, starting in 2014, the domestic auto aftermarket has entered a new normal stage. In the field, Zhongchi Chefu has been exploring for more than five years. Its business covers more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the country. Nearly 10,000 member auto repair factories have made online orders, becoming the first in the field of auto parts vertical e-commerce. A brand. Zhongchi Chefu has created a one-stop “supply chain cloud platform” model that complies with the times and industry development requirements. With more than five years of accumulation, the supply chain service of Zhongchi Chefu is gaining wide recognition from domestic and foreign parts manufacturers. In the past month, hundreds of manufacturers have signed up for the Zhongchi Chefu platform, including Bosch, Philips, Gates, TRW, UF (Electrical), Federal-Mogul and other international top brands, as well as Mahler, Osram, 岱Gao, Vosla, German Hans, Boweed, Sai Ge, Botny, South Korea NOVA, Shan Duoli, Na Shida, Nainuo, Luo, Iron Wolf, YOP, Yunxiao, OCI and other auto parts First-class enterprises of all categories. “At present, we can basically meet the 60%-70% of the auto parts repair parts demand, there is still a way to go, we hope to meet 80%-90% of the demand quickly, the goal is to sign up to 500 brand suppliers. And the last 10% left is the original factory, and the main factory needs to be released. ” Zhang Houqi said. Zhongchi Chefu is widely recognized by brand suppliers and continues to be a leader in the industry, benefiting from long-term efforts in three key areas. First of all, starting from 2010, Zhongchi Chefu has devoted itself to the establishment of a database of accessory-adaptive models. The massive data guarantees the professionalism of the Zhongchi Chefu e-commerce platform and solves the problem of auto repair institutions placing orders directly from the vertical e-commerce platform. . At present, there are nearly one million SKU related database accessories in China. Previously, a well-known car safety system supplier mentioned that China’s automotive aftermarket faces two major challenges. One is how the repair shop can provide car owners with very professional services, accurate diagnosis and accessories, and the second is the accessory database. The exact match problem. The practice of Zhongchi Chefu will help solve the above problems, and it is also a useful exploration to promote the whole industry to create a “homogeneous accessories” circulation and standard system. Secondly, Zhongchi Chefu has launched an enterprise online payment tool for more than three years, which solved the problem of online order payment in the repair shop. Third, Zhongchi Chefu successfully solved the problem of timely delivery under the order product line. In this regard, Zhongchi Chefu has built a fourth-party logistics platform 4PL, which is promoted to the industry’s public warehousing and logistics platform. This greatly reduces the cost of supply chain delivery while ensuring the delivery time of the actual needs of the garage. Zhang Houqi said that before the end of this year, Zhongchi Chefu will complete the construction of a warehousing and logistics system covering the whole country. Zhongchi Chefu will also select some excellent enterprises from the auto repair factory members, build a chain-based offline integrity standard service system, open up the connection with the car owners, and finally build a B2B+O2O full-industry Internet platform.

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