Maintenance should strengthen the daily cleaning of the car

                                                Daily cleaning of cars is a common task, especially for car drivers. Safeguarding the technical condition of the car and keeping the inside and outside of the car’s capacity clean and tidy is a concentrated expression of the image quality of the car driver.

Under normal circumstances, do not use high-pressure water guns to clean the car frequently. Although it saves trouble, it will cause damage to the car and paint. The high-pressure water will be washed into the gap between the car and the edge of the car. It is not easy to wipe and dry, resulting in the car for a long time. The body is rusty. Higher water pressure is an impact on the paint and a damage to the surface gloss of the car.

Washing the car with detergent and detergent is also a bad habit. Due to the high alkali content of washing powder and detergent, long-term use will make the car paint tarnish, making it matt or even chapped. The car should be cleaned with a special crystal varnish or car wash.

Cars are eroded by sunlight and acid rain during use. They tend to stick to various corrosive pollutants such as cement, grease, asphalt, sap, insects and so on. Wash with clean water and cleaning agent in time to avoid affecting the gloss of the paint.

The cleaning of the interior of the car should also be highly valued. The long-term use of the car is affected by smoke, sand, passenger sweat or air circulation system, causing air pollution in the cab, and then the bacteria grow, and even produce an unpleasant smell, making the seat cushion moldy and leather aging. It affects both physical and mental health and affects driving mood. Therefore, professional care should be taken according to the situation, and dust and cleaning should be done in time.

The selection of car wax should be cautious. The common oily, solid car wax has no adhesion, easy to stain, and the light is not durable. It has been gradually eliminated. Higher quality water-based wax should be used, which is bright and clean after rubbing, is not easy to dust, and has strong durability.

The daily cleaning of the car should be done inside and outside, first step by step, then step by step. When there is more mud, it should be wiped off with water or a damp cloth in time, and then wiped dry with a clean cloth. Wipe off once when there is less dust.

The cleaning of the engine can increase the amount of water until the soil is cleaned. During the cleaning, avoid immersing the water in electrical parts such as capacitors and fuses that are prone to rust. The process of cleaning the car is also the process of checking the car, and the problem should be repaired as soon as possible.

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