Zhuge repair car network, by what is the Chinese o2o car aftermarket

                                                   With the growth of car ownership, the automotive market has gradually entered the post-market era. In 2015, the automotive aftermarket will soon break through 700 billion yuan. Then, how many elites who came to the feast of the market cake that is close to 1 trillion yuan? Zhuge repair car network, and why stand out in this banquet, become the leading enterprise of China’s o2o car aftermarket, called the China o2o car aftermarket? Auto parts do not fight face, “authentic”, not only in the concept of China’s genuine auto parts quality Wanli line in the ceremony, the national quality inspection bureau chief engineer Liu Zhaobin for “authentic auto parts” rdquo; “six positive” rdquo; China’s o2o’s largest auto aftermarket Zhuge repair car network took the lead to respond, keeping up with the new trend of authenticity, and believed that the “six positive system” coincides with the authentic concept that Zhuge has always adhered to. “Six positive system” is simply summarized as follows: the main body, the product is positive, the brand is positive, the sales are positive, the service is positive, and the use is positive. The main body is: Every manufacturer that has settled in the authentic base must have complete and legal qualifications and industrial and commercial certification; the product is: every batch of on-line products needs a full set of quality inspection certificates; the brand is positive, the sales are positive: every brand uses legal Self-owned registered trademarks for sale; service is: “One product and one yard” & rdquo; Retrospective system to ease traceability, difficult to blame, after-sales service is difficult; use positive: carry out activities, popularize the concept of genuine auto parts in the majority of car owners. Channel specialization, dealer upgrade service provider channel flat, intended to reduce circulation, thereby achieving cost advantages. Zhuge repair car network has experienced 30 years of immersion in the auto parts industry, and is well versed in the industry. Therefore, it does not cut off the middle link like the traditional Internet. Instead, it will bring the flat channel to the extreme and turn the industry from scratch. In the middle, the repair shop opened three links. In 2015, Zhuge repair car network will start from the top manufacturers. It is worth mentioning that Zhuge repair car network does not remove dealers, but dredge dealers to ensure the direct and smooth flow of information and logistics, the value of each link It is able to maximize protection, achieve a deeper channel, and step into the right channel of the auto parts Internet. Under the line of auto parts, can you blow the online assembly number? At present, the Internet is the way to optimize the traditional model. As the big coffee in the aftermarket, Zhuge repair car network is unwilling to break the routine and realize the perfect fit between the automobile aftermarket and the new thinking of the Internet. In 2014, Zhuge repair car online line, Zhuge repair car network has been established for 18 months, has achieved service outlets covering 300 mainstream cities nationwide, with nearly 2,000 urban distribution lines and more than 3,000 post-market business professionals, nearly 10 Ten thousand dealers and 200,000 repair shops provide services related to genuine accessories, which are welcomed by many consumers in the aftermarket. Zhuge repair car network, the first “six positive system”, to achieve a flat transformation of auto parts channel, only a huge amount of trading volume in one year on the line, the facts, data, can be the leading name of Zhuge repair car network.

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