Auto parts dealers ask vertical e-commerce. Who dares to go deep into the county-level market?

On the day of June 2015, Zhongchi Chefu held a business exchange meeting in Nanjing. At the meeting, Zhang Chiqi, chairman of Zhongchi Chefu, personally introduced the company’s insights on industry changes and its own platform model. During the on-site exchange, a guest’s feedback touched him. This is an agent from a county in Jiangsu. The agent was very emotional at the scene. He told Zhang Houqi, “Now it is said that the auto parts maintenance industry is not in good condition. In fact, for big businesses, it is only a little less. Profit, for these small businesses, is a fundamental survival problem. You Internet platforms are the icing on the cake for big businesses, and the small businesses are the best in the snow. Domestic small businesses are the majority of the group, and the current business situation is really winter for us. We all think that we should warm up and hope that such a platform can really provide us with a fire. What kind of platform can solve the industry’s life? The auto parts industry is a very scattered field. The market situation is chaotic. Under the increasingly fierce business pressure, the vicious competition in the industry has intensified, and the shoddy and counterfeit products have flooded the market. At the same time, the Chinese market, known as “Wanzhou”, has become increasingly diversified, and it has brought severe challenges to the variety of auto parts sales and the professional skills of its employees. The resulting integrity issue is even more confined to the development of the automotive aftermarket. The interests of the owner, the quality service of the 4S shop and the repair shop, and the quality assurance of the parts manufacturers have become victims in the disorderly development of the market. This situation is exacerbated for small and medium-sized auto parts sellers and auto repair shops in the country’s fourth- and fifth-tier cities and even counties and townships. The flow is small, there is no direct access to genuine means, the shortage of funds, the burden of pressure, and less technology. These problems are intertwined to form a vicious circle, making their employment more and more difficult. A really good open platform is to solve these problems for these small and medium businesses. In terms of auto parts, how can it be a really good e-commerce platform? First of all, “Wan Cheguo” has a variety of auto parts in the market, which can reach tens of millions. A platform that can meet the needs of a large number of scattered small and medium-sized businesses as much as possible, and it needs to have as many rich, accurate and effective parts matching model database as possible, and as many regular auto parts manufacturers put their own products directly on the platform. It is easier for small and medium-sized businesses to choose the products they need on the platform. This will make the previous channels and relationship barriers disappear completely. Small merchants, like the big agents, can get the authentic products directly, and the price is very transparent. Secondly, in the current economic situation, many small and medium-sized businesses need more financial assistance than before. If there are innovative payment platforms and means, they can provide stronger support for small and medium-sized businesses. Help them revitalize their operations without being caught in a vicious circle of funding problems. For many small and medium-sized auto repair factories, they have no ability to hoard too many accessories products every day. When the owners come to repair the car, they can’t wait for the owner to spend a few days waiting for the purchase of accessories. At this time, timely logistics Distribution is critical to them. Zhongchi Chefu: The city is fully open, and the county level is deeply infiltrated in this respect. Zhongchi Chefu spent more than five years trying to build a public supply chain service system for the whole industry, including millions of effective parts. The platform, Bosch, Philips, Gates, TRW, Denso, Federal-Mogul and other hundreds of parts manufacturers signed a contract to supply, financial enterprises that can enable small businesses to achieve credit payment, currently covering 26 provinces and autonomous regions of the country Regional distribution and service systems for the market. Including the recent, even the car factory system that has not been able to directly break through the auto distributors, is also cooperating with the Zhongchi Chefu frequent contact plan. It can be said that the supply system of Zhongchi Chefu is a platform for achieving equality in the industry, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to operate their own business in an unprecedented way. It was also touched by the Jiangsu agent. When Zhang Houqi further considered the help of small and medium-sized businesses, there were more considerations. The Internet environment and the transitional environment are not comparable to the first and second lines in terms of China’s fourth- and fifth-line and even county-level areas. . The intention is to use the Internet as a motivation for the entire domestic auto parts industry to break the ice to create a fair and benign ecological environment, and its role will be weakened step by step due to various factors. In order to truly play the value of “snow in the snow” for the majority of small and medium-sized auto parts repair businesses, there must be some more powerful actions to create a better industry ecosystem. Zhang Houqi intends to broaden the business of Zhongchi Chefu to cover the first, second and third tier cities of 26 provinces and regions nationwide, and further extend the supply chain service system to 2000 counties across the country. In the consideration of Zhang Houqi, in the recent financing, hundreds of millions of funds will be invested in this plan, which will bring greater revitalization and embarrassment to the entire auto parts industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. This plan may be announced in September.

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