Zhuge repair car network with the three Zheng standard debut at the China Service Conference

September 23, 2015, supervised by the AQSIQ, China Quality Miles Promotion Association, to “build service standards • enhance customer satisfaction” The first China Service Conference of the theme was held in Beijing. Wu Qinghai, deputy director of the AQSIQ, Liu Zhaobin, chief engineer of the AQSIQ, Pu Changcheng, president of the China Quality Miles Promotion Association, and Gao Bohai, secretary general of the China Quality Miles Promotion Association, and the people. More than 50 first-line media such as the Daily News, Xinhua News Agency, Central People’s Broadcasting Station, and Beijing TV Station, as well as numerous quality experts from various industries were invited to attend the service industry. (Deputy Director Wu Qinghai, President Pu Changcheng, President Liu Zhaobin, Director Yan Fengmin Unveiled) As the leader of China’s automobile service platform, Zhuge Xiu.com was invited to attend this service conference. CEO Yu Haiyan published the theme ““ Leading the specialization of the auto parts service industry, and discussing the upgrade of China’s auto service market with the guests, so that more guests can understand the industry’s most interconnected Internet + company & rdquo; — — Zhuge repair car network . (Mu Haiyan, CEO of Zhuge Xiu.com was invited to attend the China Service Conference) “Three Positives” service, leading the authenticity of the auto parts service industry on August 26th, in the “China Genuine Auto Parts Miles” co-organized by Zhuge Xiu.com At the ceremony, Mr. Liu Zhaobin, the chief engineer of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the president of the China Quality Miles Promotion Association, have proposed the “six positives” standard for genuine auto parts, which is widely praised and expected by the industry. At this service conference, Yu Haiyan, CEO of Zhuge repair car network, based on the “six positives” standard, “three positives” service —— (Zhuge repair car CEO Yu Haiyan delivered a keynote speech) Product: Zhuge On the repair network platform, there are a large number of auto parts products brought by nearly 10,000 genuine factories and 100,000 dealers, which can basically cover most of the conventional models in the current market. In addition, Zhuge repair car network also innovatively introduces the whole process of authentic auto parts. The system, the whole process of feedback data flow, to ensure the smooth flow of products from the factory to the use of all links and the benefits of all links. Service: Zhuge repair car network is based on ground service stations established in 300 prefecture-level administrative regions, and nearly 3,000 first-line professionals, providing fast, accurate, academic, provincial quality services, logistics, 2-3 hours of arrival to break The industry is slow and ill; in terms of search, the nine-dimensional search accurately locates the product, and the quality supervision search port accurately queries the product qualification information; in terms of learning, the nearly one million maintenance case database for online repair of 300,000 repairers is the auto repair industry. Encyclopedia; cost, relying on the convenience brought by data services, the cost of online trading companies can be nearly half! After-sales: Zhuge repair car network industry chain ecological platform, not only provide the industry with genuine auto parts procurement channels and support platforms, the industry re-established the reputation evaluation cycle system, will force the industry self-discipline norms, form a reputation, quality, and attention The new industry of service industry. (Representative of Zhuge repair car network team participating in the first service conference) “Genuine auto parts quality Wanli line” Entering Anhui as a genuine factory, according to the quality of the Miles Promotion Association Gao Bohai Secretary General, the genuine auto parts quality Wanlixing four-way research team in Zhuge With the cooperation of the repair network channel resources, the manufacturers in Henan, Anhui, Shandong and other regions are conducting on-the-spot investigations, seeking ways to solve the low-profile reputation of genuine auto parts brands, and supporting local authentic enterprises, which are the names of genuine enterprises. (Zhuge repair car network attendance service meeting representative group photo) China Quality Miles Promotion Association has opened the curtain of brand China, quality China, and service China. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of auto parts and auto service practitioners in China are also striving for the authenticization of the industry and service upgrades. As one of the members, Zhuge repair car network is guided by the national policy, in this process to jointly promote and promote the new ecology of the auto parts service industry, to provide practitioners with a trust, respect, transparency, and win-win industrial chain ecological platform. To jointly promote the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the auto parts service industry.

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