Bubble help car wash service to participate in the European and American Alumni Association Entrepreneurship lecture hall Liu Zhe speech praised

                                                   On October 31, 2015, the bubble help team was led by founder Liu Zhe, and was invited to participate in the second phase of the European and American Alumni Association, “Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall”, to give a professional and meticulous speech on the bubble help car wash service. Liu Yuening, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, vice president of the European and American Alumni Association, member of the Party Committee of the European and American Alumni Association, Zhang Xuejun, Secretary of the Economic and Technological Department of the Overseas Chinese Federation, Chen Hua, Executive Dean of the Returned Entrepreneurship Institute of the European and American Alumni Association, Yan Changming, Vice President Mao Daqing, Zhou Liqun, Wu Xinghua, the instructor of the School of Entrepreneurship, and Dr. Yan Zhenjun and Dr. Kong Dehai attended the Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall. After the speech and event exchange, the event included “including the bubble-washing car wash”, “EVn-power revolutionary charging network system”, “New media communication and micro-shooting of art”, “<quo;egaga (One melon) Office function sales network & rdquo; and other six live project roadshows. The heads of the road show project, Liu Zhe, Cao Nan, and Dou Zhigang, gave presentations and presentations on their respective projects and entrepreneurial teams. After the speech of the project led by Liu Zhe, the founder of Bubble Help, Mao Daqing, the deputy dean of the Returned Entrepreneurship School of the European and American Alumni Association, and the founder and chairman of the Youke Factory, delivered a speech on the theme of “Entrepreneurship”. It is pointed out that entrepreneurship is inseparable from entrepreneurial spirit, has dreams, and the kind of enthusiasm created for dreams is the trait that entrepreneurs must possess. In this bubble, the team headed by Liu Zhe said that he is very happy to participate in the European and American Alumni Association as an entrepreneur after returning to China. He has the opportunity to talk with everyone about the planning and development of the bubble cleaning project. Secretary Zhang Xuejun Chang has fully affirmed the project, and Yan Changming has given substantive guidance. The former vice president of Vanke Group, Mao Daqing, has a long-awaited affirmation of entrepreneurship, and thanks to Lu Xuechang. Through this event, the bubble gang will present more comprehensive services and products. When car wash is a kind of just-needed normal state, the traditional car wash: first wash the vehicle with a water gun, then foam to remove the dirt on the surface of the paint, and then rinse it with water, dry it, the conventional, non-environmental way to get criticized. The bubble helps to clean the car, using electrostatic vacuum technology, honeycomb technology, and polymer crystal coating technology, through the convenient wiping process, the vehicle is cleaned and cured to achieve the most effective cleaning effect. The text comes from the bubble help team, reprinted please inform the official, if you find stealing or plagiarism, you must be held accountable. Mr. Liu Zhe at the European and American Alumni Association held a speech bubble during the speech speech. The host and Liu Zhe interacted with each other on the technology and services of the car, and Mao Daqing, former vice president of Vanke Group, discussed the entrepreneurship.

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